6 Powers of Kento Nanami "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Smartest and Strongest Magician!

6 Powers of Kento Nanami "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Smartest and Strongest Magician!

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Kento Nanami's strength is recognized by all enemies and other high-ranking Magicians. Although his strength is not as strong as Gojo's, but with his strength he is more than enough to kill many high-level Curse Devils. Kento Nanami is an alumnus of the Tokyo Jujutsu school and is starting to become active again as a magician after an incident that "interested him".

Kento Nanami is an intelligent wizard and doesn't talk much about unnecessary things. He tends to give his “intelligence” side to the people he meets. He has a different nature from Gojo even though they are close friends. Kento Nanami has an indifferent attitude while Gojo has an open and outspoken nature.

Strength Kento

Nanami Has a very great ability and many even respect and recognize his strength, including Gojo. Kento Nanami is a tier 1 True Mage who has intelligence and fighting ability above average.

Kento Nanami is a very powerful blunt sword user, even though the sword he uses is "blunt" but with the help of the cursed energy he is able to slash anything including the barriers used by the enemy. The use of his sword is supported by the balance of his body and his beautiful sword swing, resulting in an extreme and deadly slash.

Kento Nanami has great intelligence so he is able to strategize quickly and accurately. He is able to combine his environment and strength so that it can provide an advantage for him. In addition, Nanami also has a lot of experience in the fight against the Curse. So that he has more control over the battlefield.

Nanami's endurance is very high, it can be seen when she survives enemy attacks. Then he also has incredible speed and abundant energy reserves. Kento Nanami's strength and speed are supported by abundant stamina and cursed energy. This allows him to fight continuously without feeling tired. Now with this ability Special level Curse says that Kento Nanami is a real threat to all cursed demons.

Great Cursed Energy

Nanami's cursed energy reserves were abundant, it made her ready to fight continuously without feeling the slightest fatigue. Even though Nanami is injured, she can still issue curse energy on a larger scale, now that shows that she has reserves and the power of the curse is well controlled.

Black Flash

Black Flash is a technique used by combining the cursed energy with the user's body. Now by using this technique he is able to hit the enemy with greater strength with a vulnerable time of about 0.000001 seconds. This power pours cursed energy into each hit that deals more damage than usual.


This power is used by binding the Oath with itself. Now, after establishing a contract, he considers he has worked for "High Level Jujutsu" and is able to fight using greater strength than usual. Now Nanami's cursed energy swells to become bigger and gives more strength to fight.

Showing One's Cards

This technique is used by leaking the workings of the Jujutsu used. After that, Nanami can maximize the cursed energy released so that it produces greater power.

Ratio Technique

This technique is Nanami's innate technique which allows her to divide the enemy into 10 parts. Then he will make a weak point of the target section line. Now the dividing line on this target can be made on all parts of the target's body. Then not only living things, because inanimate objects can also be used as dividing objects.


Unlike the previous technique, Collapse is a cursed technique that is extended again to find the target's weak point. That way he is able to destroy the target in 1 hit. This technique was already used when he destroyed the tunnel to trap Mahito.

Kento Nanami's main weapon is a blunt sword that he often uses to fight. Well, Kento Nanami's strength has not been shown until now. But the list above is part of the Nanami technique that has been shown.


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