9 Mahito's Power "Jujutsu Kaisen", Soul Control Cursed Spirit

9 Mahito's Power "Jujutsu Kaisen", Soul Control Cursed Spirit


Mahito's power is at the Cursed Spirit Special level. He managed to defeat Nanami and Yuji in a duel, so this ability is believed to be at a very dangerous level for mankind. Mahito allied with Suguru to destroy the human population and was replaced with a Cursed Spirit.

Mahito is a cursed spirit who is very sadistic and tends to play with human emotions. This is because he was "born" from hatred between humans which resulted in his thinking that all humans must be annihilated. Then Mahito also has no sympathy for everyone including himself, he is more concerned with the resurrection of Sukuna than others.

Mahito Mahito's power

is able to defeat Nanami and then he is also classified as a Special Grade Cursed Spirit. His power was terrifying, Mahito would grow stronger when he was in danger and allow him to perfect his Domain Expansion Form.

Mahito has extraordinary immunity, he can neutralize physical attacks and his body is able to relieve pain and damage suffered. That way, Mihato would be hard to kill. Not only that, he also has a very intelligent mind and is able to predict the enemy's strength and strategy correctly.

Great Cursed Energy

Mahito had so much curse energy that he could use the curse technique repeatedly without feeling tired. Mahito's cursed energy exceeds the power of 3 sukuna fingers, which means he has enormous power as a Cursed Spirit. Now with enormous energy he is able to use Black Flash instantly.

Black Flash

Black Flash is a technique that combines the user with cursed Energy. Then the cursed energy will turn black. The change occurs in a time range of 0.000001 seconds and produces a punch power equivalent to 2.5 normal strength.

Idle Transfiguration

This technique is used to reshape the "Soul". By using this technique he is able to disfigure the bodies of his victims and serve as a healer for his wounds as well as war equipment such as weapons and others. Then Mahito can also form his own clone using this technique.

Soul Multiplicity

technique is used to combine 2 souls at one time, but this technique results in a "repulsion" between the two souls that are combined.

Body Repel

This technique is used to attack enemy targets. Mahito increases the soul energy used and combines with Soul Multiplicity and then launches his attack at the enemy. This attack has a fairly large Damage.

Polymorphic Soul Isomer

This technique is in the form of soul doubling. Mahito formed a soul with weak repulsion and then merged into one body. This technique produces a change in the "Human" used, the change becomes a form of curse that is able to attack the enemy (more precisely as a tool). This power was enough to blow away a tier 1 Magician with a sizable explosion.

Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing

The true essence form of Mahito's soul, By ripping off the skin on his face he can transform into a spirit that is muscular and possesses extraordinary strength. He can return to his original form at will or when he gets a serious injury he will automatically return to his original form.


Mahito is able to create a barrier that is able to cover a very wide area and protect it from everyone who wants to enter the area. But he can also include people he wants.

Self-Embodiment of Perfection

Domain form of Mahito, He creates an area that allows him to automatically connect with the soul that is inside. Then he can change the souls in the area as he pleases. It has excellent control over its use and is capable of activating this technique for 0.2 second intervals.

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