4 Slime Skill Rimuru Tempest "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Normal Skill Monster Slime

4 Slime Skill Rimuru Tempest "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Normal Skill Monster Slime

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Skill Slime Rimuru Tempest has been seen in the initial Episode of Tensura. Slime Rimuru's initial form has some basic abilities that will later evolve and create many other overpowered skills.

Slime is a weak monster that is only used as a tool to level up adventurers. However, it is different from Slime Rimuru who has the Overpower ability. Slime Rimuru Tempest was originally just an ordinary Slime with a small slime body. But over time, Rimuru's Slime began to show his strength in Veldora Cave (The Cave Rimuru First Appeared).

Slime Skill Rimuru Tempest (Normal Skill Monster Slime)

Slime (Viscous Organism)

Like a Slime Monster in general, Rimuru has a "Slime" body shape that does not require eating, drinking, sleeping, breathing, and only relies on Atmospheric Magic to survive.

Prior to his encounter with Veldora, Rimuru was in the depths of the Cave with the aim of learning his new life. There he studied various magic stones, Herbs and other Items. During his time in the depths of the cave, Rimuru was not seen eating or sleeping and only devoured items for analysis.

Intrinsic Skills

As a Slime Monster, Rimuru has several Normal/Basic Skills namely Absorb, Dissolve, and Self-Regeneration. Now this ability will be the basis of Rimuru's Unique Skill and Extra Skill. so everything Rimuru has in his Slime form will evolve and create new skills that are more Overpowered.

Absorb and Dissolve

Skill Absorb and Dissolve, Is the basic skill of using Gluttony and Predator. In the first episode of Tensura, it is seen that Rimuru absorbs all the stones and plants that are in the Cave. Now, after Rimuru absorbs the object, he begins to dissolve it and then analyzes it. Now this skill will later become the Predator and Gluttony Skill.


Slime regeneration is a skill that is used to repair damaged body parts or regrow lost body parts. This skill will later evolve into Extra Skill Ultra speed Regeneration.

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