4 Unregistered Special Class Cursed Spirits “Jujutsu Kaisen”, Strong Enemy in the Shibuya Incident

4 Unregistered Special Class Cursed Spirits “Jujutsu Kaisen”, Strong Enemy in the Shibuya Incident

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There are several Unregistered Special Class Cursed Spirits in the Shibuya incident. The cursed spirit has extraordinary abilities and even has the awareness to think and has a purpose in life.

The cursed spirit has the goal of creating a world filled with "Cursed Spirits" and resurrecting Sukuna who is currently inside Itadori Yuji. They are all the masterminds behind the Shibuya incident with Suguru Geto as his ally. In the Shibuya Incident, they had a very important role and succeeded in making Satoru Gojo Sealed and the Sukuna Fingers collected.

Unregistered Special Class Cursed Spirits

Until now there are 4 Unregistered Special Class Cursed Spirits, this special class Cursed Spirit was part of the character that attacked Shibuya and was the mastermind behind the Shibuya incident.


Mahito is a special class cursed Spirit who has the power of Soul Control. He could easily turn someone into a Cursed Spirit (Mutated), Then he could also easily repair badly injured body parts. Mahito was created from hatred between humans. That way, He has enormous power as long as humans have "bad" feelings towards other humans.

Mahito became the mastermind behind the riots that occurred due to humans who mutated into curses. Then he also managed to escape from everything he had done and managed to take the cursed painting and the Sukuna finger at the jujutsu school. It could be said that his mission in the Shibuya incident was a success.


Jogo is a cursed spirit who once fought Gojo. But Jogo lost badly and almost died in his first fight. Jogo has the power of Volcanic Lava on the top of his head (which resembles a Mini Volcano). When he used his Domain Extension, the entire area turned into the shape of a volcanic interior surrounded by lava and a very thick iron wall. So that everyone who is in it will not last long.

In the Shibuya Incident, Jogo has the role of collecting sukuna fingers to give to Sukuna. Then he also has a role to lure Gojo into getting into the Natural Prison trap so that Gojo can be sealed. Jogo uses all means to defeat Gojo. However, he still lost and even Sukuna said that Jogo was a cursed spirit who was very weak because he wanted to return to being a human.


Hanami is a cursed spirit who loves nature very much. Even his strength also has a plant element. Its body shape resembles a tree with flowers and tree branches. But behind his love for plants, Hanami has a very scary side and even has a desire to destroy everything. All of this is reasonable, because according to him, humans are destroyers of nature which are very detrimental to the earth.

His power is able to create illusions using plants, so that all who witness it will lose the sense of wanting to fight. That way he can easily escape or attack the enemy. In the Shibuya incident he used his powers against Yuji and several other magicians. Later he also had a role in sealing Gojo, although in the end he was still killed.


Dagon is a Cursed Spirit who has the power of "Spirit Flock" in the form of a sea animal. He can issue a very large amount of water and then continue with a barrage of attacks from the flock of spirits he summons. He has an important role in the Shibuya incident and is a cursed spirit that blocks Yuji's path with other magicians.

Dagon has a special Room that he can use for internal Geto Group Meetings. The special room is in the form of a very quiet beach with umbrellas and chairs as a place to relax. The room can only be enjoyed by the people they want and is the safest place they can occupy.

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