Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Womb, 3 Jujutsu Death Paintings in the Shibuya Incident

Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Womb, 3 Jujutsu Death Paintings in the Shibuya Incident

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To date there have been several Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Wombs that have been shown. One of them is the 3 Cursed Womb Death Painting which has an Important Role in the Shibuya Incident.

It is known that the number of Death Painting Wombs is 9, however up to now only 3 have been introduced in the Shibuya Incident. Cursed Womb Comes from a woman who is able to give birth to a Cursed Spirit. Then these 3 Death Womb Paintings were kept in the Jujutsu School, along with some of Sukuna's Fingers.

3 Death Paintings – Cursed Womb Jujutsu Kaisen

There are 3 Death Painting Cursed Wombs that took part in the Shibuya Incident. They were all resurrected by the Mahito Group who originally stole the Sukuna Finger and the Death Painting from the Jujutsu School.


Choso is one of the Death Paintings that has enormous power. It is known that Choso uses the Blood Technique in every battle. Choso can manipulate blood very well and he can even use the Poison Blood Technique.

Choso loves all his siblings very much, It made him think of becoming a part of the Suguru Geto Group and creating a safe world for all his siblings. In the Shibuya Incident, Choso senses that Yuji Itadori is part of his "brother". After that, Choso allied with Yuji to defeat Geto.


Eso loves his two brothers very much, he has felt it for more than 150 years. At the time of his fight against Nobara, Eso had no grudge or hatred towards wizards and was willing to forgive all. But Eso's only thought was the safety of all his brothers.

Eso has a very terrible power, namely the Blood Decay Technique. With his special ability, Eso can easily manipulate his own blood, making it a weapon capable of poisoning and decomposing the Target. This ability can be used over great distances. In addition, Eso can also curse enemy targets by painting flower patterns on all targets that come into contact with it.


Kechizu is the younger brother of Choso and Eso who has an immature nature. His strength is not as strong as Eso, but Kechizu can also use Blood Techniques. Just like Eso, Kechizu's Blood Technique can also poison and curse the target if it comes into contact with it. The blood he uses is infectious and produces a Flower Pattern that can make the target rot.

Apart from the above techniques, Kechizu can also use a blood technique that can burn the target's flesh. So when Kechizu vomits his blood towards the target, the target will be affected by burning and infection resulting in a curse infecting all parts of the target's body.

Now that is the Death Painting Cursed Womb that has been introduced until now. The 3 brothers had a role in the Shibuya Incident. Even Choso said that Yuji was one of his other siblings. Really?


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