4 Ways Hiruzen Sarutobi Changed Naruto's World

4 Ways Hiruzen Sarutobi Changed Naruto's World

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4 Ways Hiruzen Sarutobi Changed Naruto's World


4 Ways Hiruzen Sarutobi Changed Naruto's World

As the Third Hokage who led Konoha in two different eras, Hiruzen Sarutobi was very influential in the shinobi world.

Hiruzen Sarutobi is the third Hokage in the Naruto series. As a benchmark for Leaf leaders, he helped shape his future in the short time he had to make an impression.

Hiruzen also left a significant mark in the shinobi world, earning the respect of the Five Nations.

Even though the Chnin exams ended prematurely, there were many profound ways that Sarutobi did to change Konoha for the better.

Here's how Hiruzen Sarutobi changed the Naruto world:

  1. Hiruzen Was Hokage During the Uchiha Genocide The Uchiha

Genocide was one of the darkest and most savage chapters in Naruto history. Hiruzen Sarutobi reigned as Hokage during his execution, with his unsuccessful attempts to quell the rebellion that resulted in bloodshed.

Upon learning of Danzo's involvement in Shisui's death, Hiruzen Sarutobi harshly reprimands him and orders the Foundation to be dismantled. However, he never really kept this promise, which meant that Danzo had the free power to destroy countless more innocent lives.

  1. Hiruzen Carrying Tobirama's Legacy

During the Great Ninja War, Tobirama prepares to embark on a seemingly fatal mission. This required him to choose between Hiruzen and Danzo, both of whom he felt were interested candidates to succeed him after his death.

However, Tobirama ultimately prioritized Hiruzen due to his sacrificial nature, which better embody Leaf's legendary fire will. This choice has two connotations. Apart from making Danzo hate Hiruzen for the rest of his life, it was also one of the times the Hokage appointed another, rather than Konoha's famous council of elders.

  1. Hiruzen Is Asuma's Father

Like the most prominent character, Hiruzen finally has a child, Asuma. Raised by one of the greatest shinobi of all time, Asuma eventually grew up to become a skilled ninja and mentor to his own team. He leads Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino, facilitating their teamwork skills.

  1. Hiruzen Watched Naruto During His Youth

As an estranged child, it was easy for Naruto to feel alone. Most of the villagers fear or ridicule him, which does not benefit his short-tempered nature. In retaliation, he often destroys village monuments, including Hiruzen's.

Despite this terrible humiliation, Hiruzen did not attack Naruto. Instead, he gave him the resources for the village and the protection he needed to ensure he never got into too much trouble. The incentive is to honor Minato's sacrifice and to ensure that Kurama doesn't spiral out of control.


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