One Piece Reveal Dr.Vegapunk's Big Change

One Piece Reveal Dr.Vegapunk's Big Change

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One Piece Reveal Dr.Vegapunk's Big Change

One Piece Reveal Dr.Vegapunk's Big Change

 One Piece has revealed Dr.Vegapunk's big transformation and kick off Luffy's and the Straw Hats' first big arc of the final saga of Eiichiro Oda's long-running manga series.

The latest chapter of the series has thrown the lock on a lot by revealing that Dr. Vegapunk was introduced in the previous.

Actually not the only one! Dr. Vegapunk has been one of the bigger mysteries of the series as a whole, because while fans have seen the scientist's name thrown into some major technological advances, the doctor himself hasn't fully appeared in the series. But that all changes for the final saga.

Reveal Dr. Vegapunk's big transformation

In previous chapters of the series that brought Luffy and the others to Egghead Island, home of Dr. Vegapunk's laboratory. Vegapunk.

The end of the previous chapter fully introduces Dr. Vegapunk to the series as a result, but they're a far cry from not only what fans imagined, but the way scientists were portrayed in the past.

Taking it one step further in the latest chapter, it was revealed that the reason why Vegapunk looked so different was because they weren't “Dr. Vegapunk". Instead there are six "satellite" operating for scientists.

Chapter 1062 One Piece picks up soon, after Dr. Vegapunk (this one is named Lilith) threatens to take out the Straw Hat crew completely, but they are interrupted by someone named "Shaka," who has an interest in the crew.

This is revealed as Dr. Another Vegapunk and at the same time, Luffy and the others on the other side of the island met a third Vegapunk named, "Atlas."

While the three call themselves Dr. Vegapunk, it turns out that all three are right because they are branches of the main scientist.

It is explained by members of CP0 (who are also heading to the island to eliminate Vegapunk) that there are actually six versions of Dr. Totally Vegapunk.

Scientists were so busy with their experiments that they needed to divide themselves into six different versions (each with their own distinct look and personality), so now it remains only to see each in action.

Not to mention, finally getting to see the “real” Vegapunk at some point before it was all over.



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