5 Facts about Albis "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Beautiful Woman Using a Deadly Curse

5 Facts about Albis "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Beautiful Woman Using a Deadly Curse

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Albis is a half-snake human figure with horns on his head. It has very strong Tails and horns, Currently Albis is a subordinate of Demon King Carrion. In addition, Albis also became one of Carrion's strongest subordinates.

Albis is known as the Golden Serpent, He becomes the Beastketeer Leader Eurazania. Judging from his appearance, Albis looks to have a Tail, Horns and Black-Gold Hair. Albis would reveal his true body shape when he described his “Strength”. But normally, Albis always used his human form in a relaxed and peaceful state. So Albis could perform a Transformation on his Form.

Facts of Albis Tensura

Personality Albis

Albis has 2 personalities that are distinguished according to environmental conditions and his heart. In the “Peaceful” Situation, Albis looks very calm and submissive. According to Rimuru, Albis is a very relaxed and obedient person. In addition, he also has great respect for everyone especially the Demon Lord Carrion who is his master.

However, On the Battlefield Albis's Personality had changed greatly. He became very scary and more ferocious than his two comrades. The form of his body will change to Combat Mode which shows Snake Scales and Eyes full of Extreme Ferocity.

The leader of the Three Beastketeers Eurazania

Albis has a personality that is more mature than her two companions. In addition, he also has strength that is greater than all of Carrion's subordinates. That way, it's not unusual for Albis to be appointed as the leader of the Three Beatketeers Eurazania Carrion. During the Battle against the Demon King Clayman's army, Albis managed to defeat one of Clayman's most powerful subordinates, Yamza.

The Heavy Drinker

Albis was very fond of “Drinks”, It was also one of the agreements between Tempest and the Carrion Kingdom. At the beginning of his introduction, Albis looked very mature and calm. But after he was given "Drink", his consciousness was lost and then Albis showed his true body. It is known that Albis does like "Drinks" which makes him drunk heavily.

Albis' Curse

During the battle against the Clayman Army, Albis displayed a very frightening power of poisoning and cursing the enemy into stone. The power comes from the Eyes which can be used at will. Well there is a possibility that Albis' power is still a lot hidden. Especially in its Full Combat Mode.

Albis's Strengths

There are several Strengths or Skills that Albis has shown. Here's a little explanation:

Oppressor / Suppressor: This ability is a Unique Skill that combines Thought Acceleration, Spatial Movement and Spatial Control. By using this ability, Albis can lock the opponent's movement. This power is used when Albis fights Yamza, he can prevent Yamza from using teleportation magic. Moreover, Albis could easily use Teleportation Magic for himself or for his comrades.

Celestial Snake Eyes/Eyes of Heavenly Snake: Extra Skill possessed by Albis. This ability can apply all kinds of diseases to enemies, such as Poison, Paralysis, Insanity, Petrification and others.

Electricity Manipulation: It is said that Albis can also use Electricity manipulation techniques.


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