Walpurgis Banquet Tensura “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Demon King

Walpurgis Banquet Tensura “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Demon King

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Walpurgis Banquet is an event where all the Great Demon Kings (10 Demon Kings) or who are currently Octagrams gather. It should be noted that currently there are only 8 Demon Kings, or what is commonly referred to as the 8 Octagram Demon Kings.

In the anime Tensura S2 Part 2, there will be a Walpurgis meeting. The Walpurgis Banquet Arc is eagerly awaited by most fans, the reason is because the banquet will introduce Tensura's strong characters. In addition, we will witness Rimuru who kills Clayman and ends with Rimuru joining the 8 Demon King Octagram.

Walpurgis Banquet

The Walpurgis Banquet is a banquet event for the Great Demon Lords who are members of the 10 Great Demon Lords. But after Rimuru managed to kill Clayman, the Demon King Association turned into 8 Demon Kings called the Octagram.

The name “Octagram” was created by Rimuru who is a Rising Star (Newbie). Meanwhile the Demon Lords Carrion and Frey resigned from their positions as Demon Lords.

How did the Walpurgis Banquet happen??

The Walpurgis Banquet must be approved by the 3 Demon Lords to confirm and schedule the event. Each Demon Lord is only allowed to bring 2 Guards. In addition, those who do not attend will be given a severe punishment because it is an agreement between all demon lords.

Walpurgis Banquet From the Human Perspective and the Demon King

of the Human Nation considered the Walpurgis Gathering to be the Beginning of a very great Holy War. In another sense, that this Walpurgis Banquet is a banquet that brings chaos and destruction. But basically Walpurgis Banquet does not exist in Human Literature and is not even realized.

Most Demon Lords thought of the Walpurgis Banquet as just an ordinary Tea Party. Even so, sometimes there are important things to talk about.

10 Great Demon Lords (Old Formation)
  1. Guy Crimson “Lord of Darkness”
  2. Ramiris “Labyrinth Master”
  3. Milim Nava “Destroyer”
  4. Dagruel “Earthquake”
  5. Roy Valentin “Bloody Lord”
  6. Dino “Sleeping Ruler”
  7. Frey “Sky Queen”
  8. Clayman “Marionette Master”
  9. Leon Cromwell “Platinum Saber”
  10. Carrion “Lion King”
8 Octagram Demon King (Newly Formed)
  1. “Lord of Darkness” Guy Crimson (Demon)
  2. “Destroyer” Milim Nava (Dragonoid)
  3. “Labyrinth Master” Ramiris (Fairy)
  4. “Earthquake” Dagruel (Giant)
  5. “Queen of Nightmares” Luminous Valentine (Vampire)
  6. “Sleeping Ruler” Dino (Fallen Angel)
  7. “Platinum Saber” Leon Cromwell (Demonoid)
  8. “Rising Star” Rimuru Tempest (Slime)

Information:Where are the 3 Demon Lords who didn't enter the Octagram ????

  • Dead Clayman
  • Carrion Resigns and becomes Milim's Subordinate (Milim's Advisor)
  • Frey Resigns and becomes Milim's Subordinate (Milim's Advisor)


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