5 Facts about Benimaru “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Supreme Commander of the Tempest Jura

5 Facts about Benimaru “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Supreme Commander of the Tempest Jura

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Benimaru is the Supreme Commander of the Tempest Jura. He has enormous strength so that he is able to lead the entire Military in the Tempest Jura. Benimaru has full command to move all existing troops and is responsible for every action he takes.

Benimaru is the crown prince of the Ogre tribe, he became the heir to the throne and is currently the Oni King. Despite that, Benimaru remained in the tempest jura and became Rimuru's subordinate. The Ogre tribe had been wiped out by the Orc Lord's army and currently only a few Ogres had survived this horrific event.

Facts Benimaru Tensura

Benimaru is an ogre king who currently serves as the Supreme Commander of the Tempest Jura military force. He was given full power to move the tempest military forces by Rimuru. Then Benimaru has a very great destructive power capable of destroying many Orcs in one hit.

At first Benimaru only wanted to temporarily “serve” rimuru and stopped after the Orc Lord was defeated. But in fact he chose to continue serving Rimuru and become part of the Tempest Jura Executive. In addition, there are some interesting facts about the Benimaru Slime character. Here's the review:

Oni King

Benimaru is the heir to the throne of the Ogre Tribe. So right now Benimaru was the Ogre King serving Rimuru along with the other Ogres. Benimaru had already reached the level of the strongest Ogre while strengthening his position as the commander in chief and leader of the Ogre.

Supreme Commander of the Tempest Military Forces

Benimaru Is the supreme commander who is given full power in moving his military forces. However, Benimaru only leads the general military forces, not the special ones (the Special Forces are led by Diablo). Benimaru leads the existing military forces such as Goblin Riders, Samurai, and others (Except special forces).

Fair Oni – Disaster Class

After Rimuru becomes a True Demon Lord then all Kijin evolves into Fair Oni and has a power equal to that of a disaster class. This ability further makes Benimaru Strong and masters various techniques and powers that are more prominent.

Calmness A Warlord

Benimaru was originally stubborn and level-headed. But after he became the Tempest Jura General, then his nature changed to be calmer and think rationally. He is able to restrain his emotions and think calmly so as to produce the best decisions. This was shown when Geld asked Benimaru to kill him, but Benimaru said that it was not necessary because now Benimaru has become a Military General who is responsible for guarding potential soldiers like Geld.

Geld was the orc lord's right hand man, So he was responsible for the death of the ogres.

Kurenai (Benimaru's Elite Troop)

Benimaru has an elite squad that becomes his bodyguard. Kurenai had around 100 Ogres members who had A+ Rank abilities. However, until now it has not been told in detail about the 100 Kurenai members. Kurenai's current captain is called "Gobua" who always takes Benimaru's place when he's not around.

Everyone who becomes a "kerenai" undergoes a very extreme training that is hakuro hell training. All of its members can become commanders during military operations. Now that shows that Benimaru has a very strong army under his direct leadership.


Benimaru has more power among the other Ogres and Then he has the Calamity class. Benimaru led the Jura Tempest military force and established Kurenai as his personal bodyguard who had the power of Rank A+. All of his troops had a very high probability of leading the military forces in Jura Tempest.

Benimaru's power :

  • Unique Skills: Generalissimo
    – Thought Acceleration
    – Predictive Calculation
    – Inspire Forces
    – Mind Domination
  • Extra Skills
    – Magic Sense
    – Multilayer Barrier
    – Fire Domination
    – Steel Strength
    – Haki
    – Dark Flame
    – Magic Burn
    – Spatial Travel
    – Heat Sense
  • Art: Art Mystical and Battlewill
  • Resistancei
    – Abnormal Condition Nullification
    – Holy-Demonic Attack Resistance
    – Natural Effects Resistance
    – Physical Attack Nullification
    – Pain Nullification
    – Spiritual Attack Resistance

There is still much of Benimaru's power that has yet to be shown. Benimaru's power has not been seen "Full" and we will see it in the latest anime season in 2021. Then don't forget to read the manga and the LN.

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