5 Facts about Souei “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Rimuru's Faithful Shadow Tempest

5 Facts about Souei “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Rimuru's Faithful Shadow Tempest

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Souei Is a loyal shadow who always follows Rimuru. Souei's strength is Dark Shadow, which then he also founded a special team called Shadow Squad. The squad he was leading was guarding Rimuru and Jura Tempest's safety from the shadows.

Souei An Ogre Nation with the power of Dark Shadow. Before he met Rimuru, his appearance was like that of a young boy with a ferocious and sinister demeanor. He has a mystical aura that is scary but has a very amazing calm. Souei did not feel fear or worry when fighting a strong enemy. But when he fights, his "ferocious" side will be clearly visible with his fangs and eyes that are covered with a great killing aura.

Facts Souei Tensura

Souei Is Rimuru Tempest's loyal shadow who always follows and guards him through the shadows. Souei's strength is Dark Shadow which allows him to create multiple clones as well as shadows. Then he also often isolated himself and patrolled around the area of ​​the Tempest Jura Federation to ensure safety for his master as well as the citizens of Tempest Jura. Besides that, there are some interesting facts about Souei's character in the anime Tensura Slime. Here's the review:

Handsome and Cool

Man Souei is a handsome and cool man with a cold but determined attitude. Souei was always ready when Rimuru gave him an assignment with the typical “Of course you can” expression that he often used to say. Souei is the type of person who is quiet but always ready and confident when given any task.

Souei is a Tempest Ninja Jura

. Souei is a ninja who works very seriously. with his job as a ninja, many people feel calm because it is Souei who is guarding in the shadow of the tempest jura. The seriousness that he believes as a ninja, makes all his work run well and is able to block many intruders who will go or attack Jura Tempest.

As a ninja who guards Jura Tempest, it doesn't mean that Souei has the "Perfect" ability because in fact Souei has a lack of Magical power. so he still needed Shuna, Benimaru or Rimuru himself to observe the magical energy that was there. But whatever happened around the Tempest Jura would be immediately reported to Rimuru, so Souei didn't have the slightest gap.

Professional Ninja

Souei is a professional ninja. He will not bring his personal feelings into work, So whatever happens to his feelings will not affect his performance as a Ninja or the Shadow Warrior of Jura Tempest,

Rimuru Tempest

Souei's shadow is Rimuru Tempest's shadow that will appear when summoned. Unlike Ranga who became a shadow and lived in Rimuru's shadow. Souei tended to send shadows (Clones) to guard Rimuru or only to provide important information. Souei would appear suddenly unnoticed to assist or escort Rimuru.


Souei's Jura Spy Is a perfect spy. He could gather information quickly by using his clone. Then the Clone and the “Original” Souei could rest in turns. This allows him to be able to guard and search for information 24 hours continuously. Souei Became a Ninja in the shadows ever since he joined Jura Tempest.

Power of Souei

Souei has the power of Dark Shadow which he uses to become Rimuru Tempest's shadow and protect Jura Tempest. Souei Has a Clone who can rest to take his place and search for information for a whole day. This Dark Shadow ability is very strong and important for the advancement of Jura Tempest.

Souei's abilities are needed to maintain and develop Jura Tempest. With this ability, he is able to provide very important information while protecting the Tempest Jura from enemy attacks.

Souei's Strengths :

  • Unique Skills: Shadow Striker
    – Thought Acceleration
    – Instant Kill
    – Ultra Acceleration
    – Espionage
  • Extra Skills
    – Cloning
    – Sticky Steel Thread
    – Spatial Travel
    – Magic Sense
    – Multilayer Barrier
  • Common Skills: Force and Apply Poison/Paralysis/Rot
  • Arts: Battlewill
  • Resistance
    – Pain and Injury
    Relief – Abnormal Condition Nullification
    – Natural Effects Resistance
    – Physical and Spiritual Attack Resistance

Until now Souei's strength has been shown, although it has not been fully demonstrated. But we will witness an epic battle in the latest season of tensura in 2021.

Souei Is Rimuru's subordinate who is very loyal like the other 5 Ogres. Then he is believed to be a ninja spy and becomes Rimuru Tempest's shadow. Not only that, Souei's role in the Tempest Jura is very large because all information and guarding until the escort is carried out by Souei.

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