5 Facts about Carrion "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", the King of the Eurazania Beast Kingdom

5 Facts about Carrion "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", the King of the Eurazania Beast Kingdom

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Demon Lord Carrion is one of the characters who has an important role in the anime Tensura Season 2 Part 2. He becomes the "victim" of Clayman's cunning. Currently Carrion had become a “Former” Demon Lord after he resigned from his Position.

Carrion has a very tall body with a distinctive shirt that looks loose. In addition, he also has a very large body, long black nails and a tattoo of an animal claw on his right chest. Carrion had a fairly large empire and his subordinates were Beastmen.

The fact that Carrion Tensura

became a Demon King

is told, about 500 years ago the Great Tenma war took place. In that battle, Carrion was the most prominent Beastman among all the Beastmen who joined the war. After the War, Carrion rose to become a Demon Lord on the recommendation of Demon Lord Kazaream and MIlim Nava.

Personality Carrion

Carrion is a very good King figure and always puts his people first. He has a very large “Aura”, the Aura that Carrion has is the Aura of “Glory” for a Beast King. In addition, Carrion is very Intelligent in combat. He will run away from the fight if the fight can kill him.

Carrion Dead ???

In his fight against Milim Nava, Carrion was seen "Lost" with his royal Capital. But is Carrion Dead??? The answer is No. Carrion follows Milim and Frey's Plan to "Act" and Trick Clayman. Milim and Frey planned all of that to trick Clayman with the Undead Carrion Show in Milim's hands.

In the Plan, Carrion goes undercover to attend Walpurgis as Frey's subordinate. He did his job well and didn't “stand out” during the Demon King meeting.

Carrion Retired from the Demon King Title

After attending the Walpurgis Gathering, Carrion saw that he was already “Unfit” to be in the Demon King's Seat. All of that was due to Rimuru and Clayman showing their abilities at the meeting. In addition, Carrion was also Defeated by Milim.

Carrion and Frey decided to retire from the Demon King's Seat. Then the two of them became Milim's “Maid” or “Advisor.”


's Strength The Demon King Carrion's power has been seen from the previous Episodes. Here are the abilities of the Demon Lord Carrion:

  • Royal Beast
  • Demon Lord's Haki
  • Ultraspeed Regeneration
  • Multilayer Barrier
  • Elemental Magic
  • Warp Portal
  • Roaring Lion Punch
  • Beast Roar
  • Burst Roar

So those are the Facts and Strengths of Carrion in the anime Tensura. It should be noted that Carrion has not fully shown his True power. In addition, later Carrion will awaken to become a True Demon Lord and of course he will gain even greater power.(Theory)


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