5 Facts about Frey "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Former Member of the 10 Great Demon Kings

5 Facts about Frey "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Former Member of the 10 Great Demon Kings

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Frey is a Harpy who has extraordinary abilities in "Air". He is a former member of the 10 Great Demon Kings who later decided to become MIlim's subordinate. Currently Frey is Milim Nava's Advisor.

When viewed from his appearance, Frey has a beautiful body and very beautiful wings. She often wears a red dress in every appearance. In addition, Frey has very sharp claws on the legs. Frey is a demon lord who is very calm and tends to be cunning in his "thinking".

Frey Facts Frey

Was Very Cautious

Frey and Milim planned to "Act" Carrion's death to outwit Clayman. They carried out this “Mission” very Neatly and were careful to get very important Information from Clayman. Frey managed to convince Clayman that Carrion was Dead and Milim was in his control.

The Queen of the Winged Creatures

Frey is the Queen of Harpies and other Winged Creatures. He is very Active in gathering Troops / Weapons so that he becomes one of the most famous Demon Kings. Frey continuously developed the power to “balance” it with the older Demon Lord. That's because Frey is one of the Youngest Demon Lords.

Former Member of the 10 Great Demon Kings

Prior to the arrival of Rimuru Tempest, Frey was one of the Great Demon Kings who had the nickname Sky Queen. However, he decided to "Resign" from the Demon King's seat after seeing the battle between Rimuru Vs Clayman. Frey argues that he is not yet "Strong" enough to beat Clayman in his serious mode. In addition, he clearly saw Clayman's death at Rimuru's hands.

Frey Becomes Milim Nava's Subordinate

After Resigning from the Demon King's seat, Frey decides to become Milim Nava's Milim. He served as MIlim nava's "Advisor" with Carrion. It all started after the Walpurgis Arc.

Frey's strength

is very strong in Air Duel. There are several Frey's strengths that have been seen until now, namely Magic Jamming and Magic Sense.

Now that's a fact and Frey's strength that has been seen until now. However, all of the above is just a theory. So for more details, please watch Tensura Anime and find out other interesting facts.

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