The Battle at Walpurgis Event “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Rimuru Vs Clayman

The Battle at Walpurgis Event “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Rimuru Vs Clayman

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In the Walpurgis banquet, There were many fights going on between Rimuru and Clayman's Parties. The battle was witnessed by all the Demon Lords present. Clayman planned a massacre to rise to become a True Demon Lord, but all that failed because Rimuru had already prepared an army to confront him. Despite that, Clayman Almost turned into a True Demon Lord with a very strong Will.

The Walpurgis Banquet was the Demon Lord's “Drinking Tea”. Although Walpurgis is only limited to "Ordinary Events", but in fact Walpurgis always produces very important information. It should be noted that not just any demon lord can hold a Walpurgis event. There must be at least 3 Demon Lords or more confirming the Banquet.

Rimuru Vs Clayman, Who Wins??

In the Walpurgis event, Rimuru comes with the aim of becoming a part of a group of Demon Lords. One of the reasons is to take power in the jura forest area (Rimuru wants there to be calm and peace). In addition, he also planned to kill Clayman who had caused a lot of trouble in the Jura Forest.

Shion Vs Clayman

After Clayman gave a speech, he was seen trying to provoke RImuru's anger with "Aura" and "Sentence". However his attempt failed, Karna Rimuru had immunity against it. The "Panic" Clayman was immediately beaten by Shion with several very hard punches. The battle between Shion Vs Clayman continues. Shion is assisted by Baretta, while Clayman uses his Puppet.

Rimuru Vs Milim

After Clayman was beaten by Shion, he ordered Milim to fight Rimuru. It is necessary to know that Milim is not controlled by Clayman, Milim is only acting to seek information.

Milim Vs Rimuru begins, The fight takes place in an area created by Guy Crimson. Rimuru managed to survive all of Milim's attacks and on the other hand, Raphael analyzed Milim in its entirety. After some time, Rimuru made a mistake by getting into MIlim's trap. However Veldora suddenly came and Rimuru managed to escape the super milim's blow.

Milim Vs Veldora

Veldora came to the Walpurgis event to request a continuation of the Manga he was reading. However Rimuru asked Veldora to fight Milim first before he gave the manga continuation. The fight between Milim Vs Veldora was put to good use by Rimuru against Clayman.

Rimuru Vs Clayman

Clayman turned into a True Demon Lord based on his very strong "Determination". However, this change is only temporary because it is not based on the proper procedure. Despite that, Rimuru could easily defeat Clayman.

Rimuru managed to kill Clayman. After Clayman Dies, the Walpurgis Event continues with some very big changes.

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