5 Facts and Powers of Solution Epsilon "Overlord", the Most Sadistic and Scary Maid Fighter

5 Facts and Powers of Solution Epsilon "Overlord", the Most Sadistic and Scary Maid Fighter

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5 Facts and Powers of Solution Epsilon "Overlord", the Most Sadistic and Scary Maid Fighter


Solution Epsilon's power is extraordinary. She became part of the Maid of Fighters in charge of guarding Nazarick's last line of defense. In addition, he also has a very sharp mind.

Solution Epsilon had the same appearance as the other maids. But she has very beautiful long hair and smooth skin that is very charming. Solution Epsilon's body shape was perfect, so many men fell in love with her. Until now he has shown no interest in the opposite sex and only sees humans as "Food" and "Toys".

Solution Epsilon Overlord Facts The

Creator of Solution Epsilon

Solution Epsilon was created by Herohero. Like the other Maids, Solution was created to be part of the Maid of Fighters and serve as the final Defense of Nazarick.

Members of

the Pleiades As explained earlier, Solution Epsilon is part of the Pleiades Warrior Maid. Their main task was to guard Nazarick's last line of defense. However, because it will be difficult to fight enemy players, then the task of the Pleiades is only made as a delay until all Nazarick players are ready to fight.

Very Sadistic

Solution Epsilon thinks all humans are just “Food” and “Toys”. He loved the screams and struggles of humans at the last moment and then Solution would eat humans alive. Solution's main target was a Human who was filled with “Lust” and she lured him in using the beauty of her body. Once his body was grasped, then the human target would sink into Solution's body.


's Disguise can change his character to be very sweet and funny. Then he also often uses a childish nature and is very harsh. So all the Traits that Solution Epsilon had were just a cover to hide her true sadistic and terrifying nature. And even he dared to oppose Sebas who was his superior in the Pleiades.

Dare to Go Against His Boss

As explained earlier that Solution Epsilon has a very strict nature even towards his own superiors. He dared to meet and fight him if what his superiors did could harm the Great Tomb of Nazarick. All of this was seen when Sebas saved a human, and Solution immediately took action to oppose everything Sebas was doing.

Power Solution

Epsilon is a part of the Slime Race that has an "Empty" body within it. That way, he can easily enter the enemy's target into his body directly (absorbed). In addition, this Absorption Ability he could use to protect “Something” that might be of value to him.

Solution would immediately “Digest” the enemy target when it entered his body. The slime's body is immune to physical attacks such as sword slashes or anything that pierces through it. Then Solution was very proficient in reconnaissance, Detection Magic, pursuit, reconnaissance and the use of poison.

Solution Epsilon could disappear and then appear undetected by the enemy target. Usually this skill he uses in assassination missions. The use of this skill is followed by a very deadly poison "Injection" attack.

Some of Solution Epsilon

  • 's Strengths: Reduced Damage received (Attack Power Destruction)
  • Poison Bomb, Deals heavy damage to enemies.
  • Venom Paint, a Support Skill that can increase Allied strength.
  • Decapitating Whip Cage, Blocks 1 Physical attack.
  • Passive– Physical Attack Immunity.

Moreover,Solution Epsilonalways used Armor in Battle. Then he is also seen using Scroll Healing and Massage in several scenes in the Overlord anime.

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