Facts about Rimuru Tempest "Tensura", the Overpowered Slime

Facts about Rimuru Tempest "Tensura", the Overpowered Slime

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Facts about Rimuru Tempest "Tensura", the Overpowered Slime

Rimuru Tempest is the Founder and King of the Jura Tempest Federation located in the Jura Forest. There are several Rimuru Tempest Facts that have been seen so far. One of them is Rimuru's ability to devour various types of magic which then uses that type of magic as his power.

Rimuru Tempest is the MC of the Anime Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (Slime) or commonly called Tensura.

At first Rimuru Tempest was a slime who lived in a cave near the Jura forest. Inside the Cave he met Veldora who was one of the 3 True Dragons. Then the two of them became friends who to this day continue to be together and give each other names.

Veldora is the Guardian of Huta Jura. But after he was sealed in the Cave, the balance in the Jura Forest was getting out of control. All the Monsters clashed for a large place in the Jura forest. But after Rimuru helped the Goblin Village, Then the Balance was restored and even the Jura Forest had united.

Rimuru Tempest Facts Rimuru

Tempest is the reincarnation of someone who lives in Japan. Then He reincarnated into a Slime who had the power of a Great Hermit. His power allows Rimuru to devour everything in front of him and then make it his "Mine".

Rimuru Tempest's Real Name

Prior to his reincarnation, Rimuru Tempest was someone who worked in an office. Rimuru's real name is Satoru Mikami, Satoru was killed by someone while on his way home and Reincarnated as a Slime in his new world (Isekai).

The Jura Tempest Federation

King Rimuru is the King of the Jura Forest. He has very strong Subordinates including Diablo. Rimuru became the King of the Jura forest after he defeated the Orc Lord and then all the Monsters in the forest followed him.

Clever and Kind

Rimuru is a kind person. He will help and protect all creatures that are nearby. Then he is also always serious in dealing with everything related to his Area.

Rimuru is also very smart because he is more concerned with "good for all" than slaughtering all the enemies in front of him. But if one of his friends is injured, he will slaughter all his enemies.

Rimuru's Weaknesses Tempest

There are several weaknesses of Rimuru, These weaknesses may stem from his true nature. The following are Rimuru Tempest's weaknesses:

  • Excessive Anxiety
    Rimuru tends to always feel anxious about "Tomorrow", this was shown when he succeeded in defeating the Orc Lord. Rimuru felt that the Kijins would not follow him anymore and then he felt anxious that they would become his enemies instead. But in reality the Kijin wanted to continue serving Rimuru.
  • Naivety as Lord
    Rimuru was easily persuaded by other rulers. It was caused by being too gentle when he became a ruler.
  • Humble when Fighting
    Rimuru Tends to be humble when in battle. Then he always hoped that his enemy could be even stronger. Now that makes Rimuru always look stiff when in battle.

Rimuru Tempest's Strength Rimuru

Tempest has many strengths and skills, one of which is Auto-Battle Mode. However, there are some Unique Skills possessed by Rimuru. The following areUnique Skills:

  • Grate Sage
  • Hasten Thought
  • Analyze and Assess
  • Parallel Operation
  • Cast Cancel
  • All of Creation
  • Analysis
  • Auto-Battle Mode
  • Deviant
  • Glutton
  • Heartless

Ultimate Skill Rimuru Tempest:

  • Raphael, Lord of Wisdom
  • Beelzebub, Lord of Gluttony
  • Uriel, Lord of Vow
  • Veldora , Lord of Storm

Rimuru Tempest Magic Power :

  • Icicle Lance
  • Warp Portal
  • Anti-Magic Area
  • Summoning Magic

Now those are some of Rimuru Tempest's Skills. But keep in mind that Rimuru still has a lot of power and overpowered skills. The list above is only an outline.

From using the above Skills, Rimuru continuously creates new Skills. So until now Skill and strength is still growing.

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