Super Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals Dark Look For Gohan from the Future

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals Dark Look For Gohan from the Future

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes has revealed a dark look for gohan.

Unlike Trunks from the future ravaged by Android 17 and 18, Future Gohan never returned to Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super after his death at the hands of Dr. Gero.

from an alternate timeline, with the spin-off series giving Goku's son a very different aesthetic from what we've seen before

GohanThe latest Ultra Gods Mission, appears to be the sole survivor of the attacks from Android 17 and 18, with the original alternate future seeing Trunks and Bulma survive.

Now, Future Gohan seeks to use the power of the Black Dragon Ball to bring back his dead friends, and in doing so, he fights Trunks in his Super Saiyan God form.

While Trunks made it clear that Gohan wouldn't be able to beat him with just one arm, it seems that this alternate version of Goku's son has a few tricks up his sleeve.

With some big surprises for Z-Fighters as it brings back former heroes and villains as part of this radical new tournament that pulls its fighters from that alternate timeline.

One of the main benefits of Dragon Ball Heroes is that the series beyond continuity is able to bring back characters who shouldn't have returned to the main Shonen timeline, with Future Gohan being a prime example of a character who remains a main character.

What do you think about Gohan's new look? Will he get his enemies with the latest look this time. Please give your feedback in the comments column below.

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