Facts and 7 Strengths of Adalman (Gehenna Lord) “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Undead King Subordinate of Rimuru Tempest

Facts and 7 Strengths of Adalman (Gehenna Lord) “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Undead King Subordinate of Rimuru Tempest

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Adalman's strength is his ability to summon the Undead along with complete control over other Undead. Adalman is a human who turned into Undead after the Incident that resulted in his death in the past. Currently he is Rimuru's Subordinate, After Shuna Awakened him.

Adalman is a subordinate of Rimuru Tempest who is very strong and loyal to his master. He regards Rimuru as his new “God” and is willing to do whatever he is told. Adalman is currently the guard of the 60th floor maze which will later be promoted to the 70th floor.

Adalman (Gehenna Lord) Facts

At first Adalman was a human who had died and was then resurrected by one of his friends with the Reincarnation technique.

A Very Talented Young

Adalman Adalman was once a “Prince”. He lives in a territory of the Holy Ruberios empire. The country occupied by Adalman had no army at all and only hoped and waited for the holy knights to come to help their land. This must be paid for with a fee in the form of "upholding" the high Rumina Secretariat as a National "Religion".

Adalman is someone who is talented and becomes an honorable knight. The title was given by the Templar knights, now the title cannot be "inherited" because at that time anyone was entitled to respect on the condition that they had to meet the specified criteria. Now Adalman was the chosen one and his title and position continued to increase.

Becoming a Follower of Ruminas

Adalman joins the western holy church and promotes the secret of Ruminas. Adalman is very loyal to Sekre Ruminas and always gives his best for everything. He doesn't have the slightest doubt about the group and in fact he is the most talented and loyal.

With his strength Adalman is able to become a "Sage" and further increase his position. But he is still too far to reach the top position in the secret.

Adalman in Hianati By Ruminas

Adalman is played by the top brass of the Secretariat of Ruminas. The higher-ups of the secretariat ordered Adalman to take care of the waves of undead that caused disaster to the people. On the other hand he does not realize that there are certain parties who are pushing him towards "Death". Then Adalman went to the edge of the great jura forest and saw that there were many Udead waiting for him there including the Undead Dragon Zombie.

Adalman Dies and Resurrects

Adalman and several of his comrades continue to fight to the point where they are all exhausted and eventually Die. One of his friends tried to revive Adalman by using the Reincarnation technique. But the skill didn't go well because many souls died there. The evil spirits of the land corrupted him and in the end adalman was "Bound" by the curse of the Dead.

Adalman who succeeded in Reincarnation did not return to being a human, but became a living Skeleton. Demon King Kazaream saw the Potential of the undead Adalman and took him to be his subordinate. After that Adalman was assigned to be Clayman's subordinate and take care of all the defense forces.

Clayman VS Jura Tempest, Adalman vs Shuna

The battle between Jura Tempest against the Demon King Clayman presents a very interesting battle, namely between Adalman VS Shuna. Shuna managed to defeat Adalman and give freedom to Adalman. Shuna removed the curse that was on Adalman, that way he could be "Free" again.

After that Adalman was interested in "Worshiping" the same god as Shuna and promised all his alliances to follow Rimuru Tempest.

Adalman Becomes Rimuru Tempest's Subordinate

After Shuna awakens and frees Adalman from the curse that binds him. He immediately “Worshiped” and made Rimuru his new “Master” or “God”. Then he was given the trust to guard the 60th floor of the Tempest Labyrinth. Adalman is very easy to get along with the tempest citizens and continues to train his abilities so that they can be of use to Rimuru.

Adalman's Power (Gehenna Lord)

Adalman has the ability to summon an unlimited number of Ghost Knights. Then on the other hand he can also summon the very powerful "Zombie" Dragon Skull.

Holy-Demonic Inversion

Adalman has the ability to change the form of Holy power into Devil or vice versa, He can also change power with Devil attribute into Holy.


Using haunting ghosts to "own" the soul. However, this power is not yet known continuation.

Undead Magic: Immortal Legion

Forbidden Magic that can be used by the Undead King. He can summon an unlimited number of Soldiers of the Dead. Then all the undead who are summoned will be loyal and obedient to their leader / Master.

Ultimate Gift: Book of Magic Necronomicon

There are several skills that can be used from this technique:

  • Speeding up Thought
  • Canceling Spell
  • Seeker of Truth
  • Total Analysis
  • All of Creation
  • Mental Destruction

Daily Skills

There are 2 skills that are currently known, namely Universal Perception and Haki.

Battle Skills

  • Holy-Demonic Reversal
  • Manipulation of the Dead
  • Instant Death


is used to strengthen Physique or repair wounds in combat. Adalman usually uses this technique to strengthen attacks and neutralize attacks.

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