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6 Facts about Damnatio Kira Black Clover, the True Judge Defender of the Clover Kingdom's Justice

by Staff Okuen 13 Aug 2022 0 Comments

6 Facts about Damnatio Kira Black Clover, the True Judge Defender of the Clover Kingdom's Justice

Damnatio Kira Black Clover has a very high spirit of justice. He does not hesitate to punish his own family members if they commit a crime. All he cared about was justice in the Clover Kingdom.

Damnatio Kira's appearance is very simple, he uses the Clover Royal Judge's Clothing with a little pattern that symbolizes that he is part of the Royal Family. In addition to his position as an enforcer of justice, Damnatio Kira is the Chair of the Clover Kingdom's Shir Parliament.

Damnatio Kira Facts

Members of the Clover Royal Family

Damnatio is a noble member of the Clover Royal family. He comes from the Kira Family which currently controls the Clover kingdom. Unlike the other nobles, Damnatio is very fair in eradicating crime in the kingdom. He does not discriminate in terms of "Justice", He even punishes his own family for committing crimes.

Clover Kingdom's Enforcer of Justice

Damnatio is the Speaker of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Parliament and also the enforcer of justice in the kingdom. His task is very heavy, because he must be ready to face all those who oppose him. His abilities are able to dispel all kinds of magic and restrain the Target if proven guilty.

Cursing Others Guilty

Damnatio has the ability to curse everyone who is guilty. He will not pity or give the least pardon to those who do evil. Damnatio is someone who is very loyal to "Justice" and he even dares to punish his own father.

Very Cruel

Even though Damnatio is a very fair person, but sometimes he is also very cruel. All of this was seen when he was about to execute a minor for being involved in the attack on the Elves.

Full of Calculation

Damnatio really upholds justice. On the other hand he also has a duty to maintain balance in the Clover kingdom. Therefore, all the steps he takes are very calculated for the progress of the Clover Kingdom. There are several things that make him ignore justice for the sake of royal politics. But all of that is considered "True" by all the existing nobles.

Scale Magic –

Damnatio's Scale Magic uses Scale Magic to affect all types of magic used by the enemy. He can negate Magic or replace it with an object that can give him an advantage.