Is Naruto Really Dead in Serie Boruto? Read the explanation!

Is Naruto Really Dead in Serie Boruto? Read the explanation!

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Is Naruto Really Dead in Serie Boruto? Read the explanation!

Naruto anime fans must often ask, is it true that Naruto died in the Boruto series? Given, the seventh Hokage has rarely appeared in the last few series.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has progressed steadily and the manga is heading in an interesting direction.

Everyone remembers the first episode which showed Boruto and Kawaki fighting each other.

In that scene, it seemed like the entire village was destroyed and the fight seemed to have caused a lot of additional damage.

The scene looks like it's from a post-apocalyptic setting, which has the entire fanbase thinking about Naruto's future in the series.

One question everyone is asking is whether the Seventh Hokage will die in the series or not. Let's take a look at the events that have occurred so far and understand if there are any clues that lead to the death of the Seventh Hokage.

Is it true that Naruto died in the Boruto series, because he was killed?

Before we get into whether Naruto will die in the series or not, it's important to understand how fans came to this question.

There must be some indication or inclination of the fans to ask this question to the public.

Identifying them will give us a clear picture of whether he will die or not.

If fans can remember the episode where Kawaki and Boruto fought each other in the future, one of the lines had the entire fanbase talking about it.

Kawaki said “I will send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage” and this made the fanbase think that Naruto was dead.

Another trend we noticed was that Naruto was constantly getting nerfed, especially when the series was forced to kill Kurama.

Having said that, it is doubtful that the Seventh Hokage will die in this series. Dialogue is written in such a way that it implies obscurity and will spark conversation and theory formulation by fans.

By looking at that dialogue, it's not impossible to think that Kawaki might be referring to sending Boruto to another dimension or sealing him.

In addition, we need to explain Kawaki's feelings towards Naruto, which we already know that he hates him too much to kill him or hurt him.

It's true that the series focuses on the current generation and there will be times when Naruto and Sasuke are irrelevant to the story.

However, the story certainly relies on the current Hokage and Shadow Hokage. Not only that, the series may realize that killing the Seventh Hokage will cause a huge uproar among the public and affect the viewing of the next anime series.

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