6 Facts about Victim Overlord, the Deadly Bomb of the Great Tomb of Nazarick

6 Facts about Victim Overlord, the Deadly Bomb of the Great Tomb of Nazarick

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6 Facts about Victim Overlord, the Deadly Bomb of the Great Tomb of Nazarick


Victim Overlord is one of the floor guards in the Great Tomb Labyrinth of Nazarick. He has a very great power, namely a very deadly Suicide Bomb.

Victim has a body shape that resembles a flying cocoon with small wings. He tends to be rarely seen in the Overlord storyline, but his role is very important because he has managed to thwart thousands of players who enter the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Its very small form makes it always underestimated by everyone. But in fact, Victim has very bad power.

Victim Overlord Facts The

Language of Angels – Enochian

Victim uses the language of Angels in the process of communicating. As such, all of Nazarick's residents had to use interpreter magic when conversing with Victim. Fans may rarely know this, because Victim is rarely seen in the Overlord S1-S3 Flow Scene and will probably show his strength in Season 4 Overlord.

Personality Victim

Victim is a closed person and rarely appears or gathers with other Guardians of Nazarick. It will only appear when its master calls. But even so, Victim was very kind to all the NPCs in the Great Eats of Nazarick and was always humble in every scene that showed him.


was created by the great creature of Nazarick and is tasked with killing all intruders who enter the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Throughout his life, Victim's only aim was to follow all of his Master's orders and sacrifice himself for the sake of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Victim's loyalty is very great, Victim only thinks about how he can be useful to his master without thinking about himself.

The greatness of Victim

Victim once thwarted the attack of +1500 Players and NPCs who managed to break through the 7th floor of Nazarick. He managed to defeat all the intruders and took an important role in the past story of the great tomb of nazarick. Now that proves that Victim's role in the Overlord storyline is very important.

Strength Victim

is not an NPC that has a "Special" power within him. However, Victim is able to stop all enemy movements and then explode them until they are completely destroyed. This ability is like a suicide bombing, because in the process Victim will also die with all his victims.


Even though Victim sacrificed himself in his lethal attack. But Victim's death is only "Temporary", Victim can be resurrected by using "Money" or "Treasure". So when Victim died, Ainz could resurrect Victim using Treasures like Ainz did when resurrecting Shalltear.

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