7 Facts about Asta in the Black Clover Anime The owner of the "Devil Grimoire"

7 Facts about Asta in the Black Clover Anime The owner of the "Devil Grimoire"

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7 Facts about Asta in the Black Clover Anime The owner of the "Devil Grimoire"


7 Facts about Asta in the Black Clover Anime The owner of the "Devil Grimoire"

Asta is one of the royal magic knights who joined the Black Bull Squad. He has a 5 cloverleaf Grimoire or commonly known as the Devil's Grimoire.

Asta is an orphan who was abandoned by his mother in front of a church. Yuno and Asta are 2 orphans who from infancy have become friends and grew up in a village called Hage.

The church where Asta and Yuno live is a dilapidated old church. But in it there are children who are raised well by their sisters and elders.

No Magic Talent

Asta has no magic talent at all and he only relies on muscles. His muscles are trained every day and even the time he has is used to train muscles in the forest area.

Everyone mocks Asta for not having any magic talent. But he never gave up on achieving his dream of becoming a magic emperor (even though he had no magic talent).

To achieve his dream, Asta continues to practice until he has a muscular body. And sure enough with his hard work he managed to become one of the magic knights that initially no one expected to succeed.

Asta Owner of Clover-Leaf Grimoire 5 “Demon Grimoire”

Unlike other people who have extraordinary magical talent. Asta is a person who has no talent for magic at all and he can't even use magic.

But with his persistence in practicing he got an extraordinary physique. At the age of 15 he got his Grimoire. However, the Grimoire he gets is a demon Grimoire with 5 clover leaves.

Inside Asta's Grimoire, there is a demon capable of neutralizing magic. Then Asta is dubbed as a person who is able to neutralize any magic by using a Grimoire and the sword he uses.

Demonic Form

In Demon Form Asta has black wings that cover the back of his body. Then his right arm was also covered in black anti-magic.

Asta has horns and fangs which then his eyes also turn red. Now when Asta uses too much anti-magic then his form will get blacker.

Funny Personality

Asta is a very friendly person and never gives up. He has a funny personality so that even in serious scenes, sometimes Asta becomes silly and lightens the mood.

He will scream to say the wish in his mind. It is often seen in the anime series and one of them is when he is mocked and shouts that he will become a magic emperor.

Kindness towards Everyone

Asta is a friendly character and respects everyone including his enemies. Even Asta doesn't want to kill his enemy and prefers to take the positive side of his enemy.

He always forgives everyone but he always thinks that whoever makes a mistake then he has to do better. Working better means to atone for all the mistakes made.

Strong Determination

As in the other Zero To Hero anime. Asta has a strong determination to become the strongest. He didn't have any magical energy and didn't even have it at all.

After understanding his shortcomings. Asta works harder than anyone else to build up his physique and practice swinging his sword in the forest area. So that Asta has a stocky body shape and is filled with big muscles.

With his very strong determination, Asta managed to go to the capital and take the magic knight exam. All commanders don't want knights who don't have magical energy. However, Yami, a magic commander of the Black Bull Squad, tests him through his "killing aura" and then he is recruited by Yami.

Strong determination managed to convince a magic commander to recruit him. And it bears sweet results with the many missions completed by Asta and all his colleagues.

The Black Bull Squad which was originally the worst squad became the best when the star ratings were calculated. Then Asta and Yuno are chosen to be the best for the Young class of magic knights.

Asta's power "Anti Magic"

Asta has a sword and his ability to neutralize any magic. So any magic attack can be neutralized by him using the skills from his Grimoire and from his sword.

Asta's abilities in the anime Black Clover:

  • Expert Swordsman
  • No Magic Power
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • ​​Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Instinct
  • Ki
  • Keen Intellect
  • Devil-Possessed

Equipment used:

  • Clover-leaved Grimoire 5
  • Anti-Magic
  • Sword
  • Sword
  • Demon-Slasher Katana


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