6 Jogo's Strength "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Cursed Spirit of the Volcano

6 Jogo's Strength "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Cursed Spirit of the Volcano

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Jogo's power is a volcanic eruption stored above his head. Jogo is a Special Grade Cursed Spirit who was first introduced when he met Suguru and fought Gojo. Jogo has a power that easily overflows and destroys everything with his hot lava.

Jogo has a high sense of and pride in his life as a Cursed Spirit. He hates humans and has a goal to destroy them because according to him humans are "Illegal" Creatures that live on earth. According to him, humans have a scary and unnatural side. Man has many “falseities” in him and he plans to destroy them all.

Jogo is a person who gets angry easily when ridiculed or humiliated. It was based on his understanding that he was the most perfect and powerful being. But after he was defeated by Gojo, he began to think about something more important than all, namely defeating Gojo even though he still lost.

Hanami and Jogo Against Satoru Gojo

Jogo has very high strength and confidence. He and Hanami fight Gojo and plan to defeat him. The strategy used by Jogo and Hanami is by using the Human Shield. Well when Gojo was about to kill Hanami, Jogo said that he would kill a human if Gojo did something to Hanami. But Gojo still kills Hanami and hanami Dies by Gojo.

After that Jogo continued to hide behind humans, but Gojo continued to target him. Jogo kept thinking that Hanami's death would not be in vain, a few moments later Jogo met Mahito and continued his plan.

Jogo Jujutsu Power Kaisen

Great Cursed Energy

Geto said that Jogo's Cursed Energy Strength was comparable to 8-9 Sukuna fingers. That way, So Jogo's strength is very strong and is able to defeat level 1 magicians easily. He can also easily burn humans with just his hot lava aura.

Disaster Flames

With his power Jogo is able to create and control a mini Volcano that emits hot lava. This ability is capable of creating mini volcanic eruptions and dealing great damage to enemies.

Bucket Insects

This power forms insects that will explode when close to an enemy target. Usually this insect makes a sound in front of the face and then explodes and deals great damage.

Maximum: Meteor

Not just creating and controlling volcanic lava. Jogo can also make a large ball like a meteor and launch it into the enemy area. This power destroys a very large area and can be said to be Maximum: Meteor is a large-scale force used by Jogo to slaughter humans.

Coffin of the Iron Mountain

Jogo's extended Domain form is a lava-filled space like inside a volcano. The room can be controlled easily by him and usually enemies who enter into the embodiment of his domain will immediately be destroyed by fire.

This Domain Amplification

of power was a Technique capable of neutralizing all kinds of curses that came into contact with it. The form of this power is like an aura that envelops Jogo and protects him from the attacks of the enemy's curse technique.

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