9 The Power of Hanami "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Illusion of a Cursed Plant The

9 The Power of Hanami "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Illusion of a Cursed Plant The

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power of Hanami is an illusion that embodies a Cursed Plant. He has the belief to kill all humans who have damaged the earth. humans are believed to have destroyed civilization, it made Hanami think of killing all humans and replacing them with Cursed Spirits.

Hanami becomes an ally of Suguru Geto to destroy humanity and form a new world. During the Shibuya Incident, he attacks the Jujutsu School with Mahito and several other colleagues. Hanami's strength managed to save Jogo from the clutches of Gojo who was about to kill him.

Strength Hanami

is a Cursed Spirit of Special behavior who has extraordinary body resistance. Then he was able to hide his whereabouts and managed to save Jogo from Gojo's hands. Hanami can also use plants and form plant illusions that help him in battle.

Hanami's immune system is very strong and can even withstand the attacks of megumi and cursing. He can defend against attacks that lead to his ribbon even though the attacks are very strong and accurate. Not only that, his endurance and speed can be increased again, so he is able to withstand any attack and run quickly when he feels threatened.

Hanami has a strange technique, He can hide his presence among the trees. Even though he was clearly a Special grade cursed Spirit by nature. Well Gojo praised his expertise on this one.

Great Cursed Energy

Hanami naturally has a very high cursed energy. With his strength he is able to withstand attacks from several strong jujutsu students such as toge and maki. During the battle at the jujutsu school, he did not feel any significant fatigue and continued to use his cursed energy.

Hyper Regeneration

Hanami can strengthen her body by using cursed energy. Then he can also protect his weak point well. In addition, Hanami can also repair damaged body parts by means of Regeneration. His regeneration technique is so fast that he is able to fight for a long time.

Showing One's Cards

This technique is similar to the oath commonly used by magicians or spirits. By providing information about the Kick used he can effectively mislead all his opponents.

Disaster Plants

Hanami can use the Plant Illusion Technique that he used when saving Jogo. In addition, he can also absorb life energy from all existing plants. The image is like he made a plant using the cursed energy and controlled by the cursed energy as well.


With his power, Hanami can bring out the roots that are underground and use them for battle. The power of this root can be expanded again at the expense of the speed of the root's attack. But if the area used is not large, then this root attack can be very fast and accurate.

Wooden Ball

Hanami forms a ball made of cursed energy. This ball can be used to attack the enemy or as a barrier to himself while in the air.

Cursed Bud

This power forms shoots that are launched towards the enemy target, when these shoots stick or hit the enemy, these shoots will eat the target's cursed energy. Then he can also create a tree with cursed energy-eating buds.

Flower Field

Hanami creates a circle/bunch of flowers in an area surrounding the target. This move has a very great and unique effect, which is that it can make the opponent lose the will to fight. Then hanami can also use this power from a distance which makes it even more difficult to overcome.

Domain Amplification

With this power the hanami can neutralize all cursed techniques that come into contact with it. This power enveloped Hanami like a shield in liquid form. Now this power may be used as a power to destroy all techniques that lead to him, that way he will remain safe in the face of enemies who use curse techniques.

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