7 Facts about Noelle Silva "Black Clover", the Princess Who Dances on the Battlefield

7 Facts about Noelle Silva "Black Clover", the Princess Who Dances on the Battlefield

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7 Facts about Noelle Silva "Black Clover", the Princess Who Dances on the Battlefield

7 Facts about Noelle Silva "Black Clover", the Princess Who Dances on the Battlefield

Noble family is a family that has extraordinary magical powers. Noelle Silva is a noble from the silva family who was abandoned from her own family.

Noelle Silva has immense power but she is unable to control it. She was banished from her family for several reasons one of which was the death of her mother while giving birth to her and she did not have enough magical powers.

It wasn't really a small amount of magical energy or poor magic ability. But noelle can't control the magic she has so whatever she does is like playing around.

Noelle joins the Black Bull Squad

Like the other black bull members who are "outcasts". Noelle is invited to join the black bull squad by yami (the magic commander of the black bull squad).

Noelle is usually aloof because she feels no one wants her. Even his own family only considers Noelle as a disgrace to the silva family. However, Yami sees Noelle's potential and invites her to join his magic squad.

The Personality of a Noble

The distinctive personality of a noble is his arrogance. In the Black Clover anime, most nobles are always arrogant, especially to rural people like Asta.

Noelle has an arrogant nature even though she is ignored by her own family. His arrogance is his way of covering up all his faults and blaming others. Maybe he can't accept his weakness which makes it difficult for him to develop.

After joining the black bull squad, Noelle begins to admit her mistakes. Then by realizing what she was lacking, Noelle was able to develop well and be able to control her magic.

Always Respecting His

Brother Among all members of his family Noelle is considered to have small fat / magical powers. But actually not weak but he just can't control it.

All of his Brothers excel and some even become commanders of magic knights. That way he always respects and appreciates his brother even though he himself was abandoned by his family.

The Reason Noelle Can't Control Her Own Magic

A noble must have extraordinary magical energy. But not all nobles can generate and control their magic energy and including Noelle.

He can't control his own magic when in fact he has enormous magic power. Noelle has a friend named Kahono whom she meets on a mission under the sea.

Kahono explains the reason why noelle can't control her own magic. According to Kahono the reason is because Noelle has such good feelings that she doesn't want to hurt anyone.

The point is that if Noelle uses her great magic then a feeling arises that she can hurt other people. So he didn't believe in himself which resulted in uncontrollable magic.

The "determination" that made Noelle recognized by the Silva

family The silva family does not recognize noelle as part of the silva family. But in the end they recognize Noelle who has a strong determination to protect her family.

Noelle did have an extraordinary kindness and she didn't even hate her family for throwing her away. Even Noelle has always admired her siblings and always respected every achievement that all her siblings had.

After joining the Black Bull Squad. Noelle begins to have the confidence to protect all her friends and siblings. Then It managed to bring out Noelle's potential which at this time she was able to control her great magic.

When the Devil attacks (Elves who are used by the devil) the Silva family is almost destroyed because it is attacked by the enemy. But in the final moments of the fight Noelle comes and sees all her siblings exposed.

Noelle is determined to protect all her family and unexpectedly she releases a huge amount of magical energy. The magic is similar to that possessed by the mother of the silva family, namely the "dancing princess on the battlefield".

After Noelle defeats her enemy. The Silva family recognizes Noelle's abilities and invites her to fight together.

The Real Reason Why Noelle Was Disowned by the Silva Family

The reason Noelle was disowned by her family was because she looked a lot like her dead mother. Nozel who is the Magic Commander wants to keep Noelle away from the battlefield by reason of not wanting to lose a figure who is similar to her mother.

Nozel wants to protect Noelle and doesn't want Noelle to be in danger. But after Noelle shows her enormous strength, Nozel invites her to fight together.

His brother invites to fight together because they feel Noelle is ready to be on the battlefield.

Noelle Silva's Power and Magic

Noelle silva's ability is a very large and extraordinary magic control. Her magical energy was immense and she was able to control it well to the point of full Armor or “Dancing Princess on the battlefield” magic. Getting a nickname like that because Noelle has incredible speed and strength so that on the battlefield she keeps moving like a dancing princess.

Noelle Silva's Magic:

  • Water Magic
  • Creation Magic
  • Reinforcement Magic

Equipment used by Noelle:

  • Grimoire
  • Wand
  • Brooch
  • Communication Device




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