7 Facts about Julius Novachrono "Black Clover", Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom

7 Facts about Julius Novachrono "Black Clover", Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom


7 Facts about Julius Novachrono "Black Clover", Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom

7 Facts about Julius Novachrono "Black Clover", Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom

Julius Novachrono is the magic emperor of the Clover kingdom and is also a time magic-user Knight. The time magic he used was able to save him from death.

Julius Dies while fighting the army of the midnight sun. Then he rose from the dead after 13 years of active time-saving magic. Then he rose from the dead at the age of 13 years (became a child again).

The magic marks from his face disappeared after his death. But his nature and thoughts were still the same as before he died. If you talk about the greatness of Julius, it will probably never end because there are still many mysteries in it.

Therefore, the author has prepared interesting facts from the magic emperor Julius Novachrono in the following unique facts about Julius:

The Magic Emperor "Julius Novachrono"

Juliu is the 28th Magic Emperor in the Clover kingdom. By having the power of Time Magic he is able to become a very powerful magic emperor and is also loved by all the residents.

When he became emperor of magic, Julius always considered everyone equal and did not distinguish people from their nobility. This made Julius highly respected by all the knights.

Former Commander of the Gray Deer Squad

Before becoming a magic knight Julius served as the captain of the gray deer squad. At that time Yami became his subordinate in the team.

So before becoming magic emperor Julius was also an ordinary magic knight. who then crawled into captain and later became the Magic Emperor of the Clover kingdom.


appearance Julius wears a unique appearance with a king-like outfit with black fur at the end of the collar. Julius's dress is a shirt and covered by a red robe that covers his entire body.

Then there is an image of a star with a corner number of six on his left forehead. Now the symbol was lost after Julius' death when fighting the Midnight Sun Army (Elves) controlled by the Devil.

Rising from the dead

Julius is a time magic user who is basically able to control every second of time. He is able to stop or even rewind time according to his will.

But there is a theory that says that Julius actually "takes" time from his target which he then uses according to his wishes. So between stopping time and saving it for use at the right time.

Julius has a star symbol with 6 ends on his left forehead (above left eye). Well it turns out that it is the time it saves and will activate if it dies. After he died, the symbol disappeared and Julius rose again at the age of 13 years.

Interest in Magic

As the emperor of magic and then having the ability to transform into anyone. Julius roams the kingdom only in search of new or rare types of magic.

He has a strong obsession with new types of magic and always wants to deepen other people's types of magic. With this trait he rarely worked at a desk and preferred to wander around looking for different types of magic.


With a very high obsession with magic. He always showed his childish nature when he saw new and unique magic.fact, he is always so cute when he sees unique magic..

Not infrequently he always leaves his job as a magic emperor just to look for a unique type of magic and walk around the kingdom area.

But Julius is also a wise person and very wise because of his knowledge and experience in the wizarding world. Julius would know about everything related to magic (until now). For example, when Julius explains about the ancient stone artifact to Asta.

Full of Love

Julius is willing to sacrifice his life to protect the citizens of the kingdom of CLover and then he also fights with the intention of not killing his opponent.

Julius's compassionate nature and fighting spirit are largely inspired by Zara Ideale, who was the first ordinary person to become a magic emperor.

After Zara's death he focuses on becoming the magic emperor and is grateful for seeing the different types of magic he encounters.




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