Yuno's Power "Black Clover", Can Summon Sylph The Spirit of Wind

Yuno's Power "Black Clover", Can Summon Sylph The Spirit of Wind

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Yuno's Power "Black Clover", Can Summon Sylph The Spirit of Wind


Yuno's Power "Black Clover", Can Summon Sylph The Spirit of Wind

Yuno's strength in the Black Clover anime has been shown a lot since he joined the royal knights. Yuno gains the power of the wind spirit and is able to summon the spirit out and join the fight with him.

Coming from the countryside and being called a commoner doesn't make Yuno give up on his journey to become a magic knight. He along with his best friend Asta who is a native of the countryside also struggles to become a magic knight.

Yuno has indeed had a great talent for magic since he was a child. And even he was able to control the magic. The problem is that when Yuno was little he was very fragile and didn't have a strong will. But Asta helps him until he becomes a very strong person and now Yuno has become someone who is very strong and intelligent.

Yuno's Strength in Black Clover Anime

There are several Yuno powers that have been seen in the black clover anime. Here's the review:

Wind Magic (Wind Magic) Wind

magic is the basis of Yuno's power. Since he was a child, the wind magic has been used and Yuno uses it to fight bad people with one hit and to dry clothes.

From this wind magic Yuno is able to produce a wind manipulation. One example is when he doesn't have a Grimioire yet. Which at that time he manipulated the wind into a whirlwind which he used to paralyze his enemies with a single attack. Then he also used the magic to propel himself.

Some of the moves of wind magic ever seen:

  • Towering Tornado, Is a wind magic that forms a very large tornado. Usually this magic is used to withstand enemy attacks/defense.
  • Crescent Kamaitachi, A wind attack that forms a sword slash aimed at the enemy.
  • Tornado Fang, Wind Tornado Attack that has great magic power.
  • Gale White Bow, Wind magic that resembles an arrow and surrounds Yuno's field of view.

Creation Magic

This magic is used to create an object from wind magic. For example, when Yuno makes armor and clothes in the form of wind magic which makes it look like he is wearing a cloak and crown.

The use of creation magic is used to increase the attack power as well as defense of yuno. Then this magic can also be used to create a small wind vortex that is used as a means of transportation.

Yuno's creation magic that has been shown:

  • Swift White Hawk, Is a bird-shaped magic
  • Wind Blades Shower, Is a wind magic that forms a sword to strengthen attack power.
  • Heavenly Wind Ark, a wind-transport tool in the form of a small whirlwind.

's Spirit Magic

is chosen by the wind spirit Sylph. Then the two of them could fight together in battle. By using this wind spirit the power of yuno is increasing and fast.

The use of this Magic is to summon wind spirits. The wind spirit (sylph) is shaped like a small female fairy who appears to have green wings and body.

By using this spirit magic Yuno is able to issue a bigger attack and then until now there are several that have been shown:

  • Sylph Breath
  • Spirit Dive
  • Spirit Storm
  • Spirit's Hushed Dance
  • Spirit Of Zephyr
  • Liable Tempest
  • Spirit Of Boreas

Reinforcement Magic

This type of magic is used to increase abilities physical user. This form of magic is like the Mana Skin that covers Yuno's body.

Immense Magic Power

Yuno has so much magic power that not a single bird flew near Yuno in the initial selection of magic knights. The bird will only approach people who have weak magic or don't even have magic like Asta.

He is also able to use 2 magic spells simultaneously. Then his abilities increased after getting the power of the Wind Spirit (Fairy Sylph).

Enhanced Mana Sensory

Yuno is able to see the flow of mana around him in the form of a swarm of winged creatures. He could detect the mana of a certain area which then deduced its whereabouts.

Mana Zone

As possessed by magic commanders. Yuno is also able to use Mana Zone. This Mana Zone is used to control which is around it and then used as a power enhancer.

The Spirit Absorption

Mana Zone and Mana Skin are combined which results in Yuno merging with the Sylph wind spirit. Then this magic increases Yuno's power greatly and has a large mana too.

By using this magic. Yuno has the possibility to match the power of the magic commander.

Strong Will

will and determination can make Yuno able to take care of his own soul. This is shown when the Elf troops attack and Yuno manages to keep his soul and does not become part of the Elf nation.


uses 4 cloverleaf Grimoire. This Grimoire contains wind spells and this Grimoire is similar to the Grimoire of the first magic emperor.


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