The Power of Julius Novachrono "Black Clover", Can Rise From Death

The Power of Julius Novachrono "Black Clover", Can Rise From Death

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The Power of Julius Novachrono "Black Clover", Can Rise From Death

The Power of Julius Novachrono "Black Clover", Can Rise From Death

Julius Novachrono is the current Magic Emperor in the Clover kingdom. The power of Julius Novachrono is able to control Time and even his death can also be overcome.

Julius has a tall body shape and looks like Uncle. The clothes used by Julius are clothes covered in robes and decorated with white fur.

He became the Commander of the Gray Deer Squad which he was originally a part of. The Gray Deer are also a squad that Yami is a member of and it is possible that Yami was Julius' subordinate while in the Gray Deer Squad.

Julius Novachrono's power is the magic of time. Until now in the Black Clover storyline only a few of Julius' powers have been shown. Here are the strengths of Julius Novachrono:

Time Magic (Magic Time)

Julius Uses magic with the attribute of time magic that can manipulate time according to his own will. With this power Julius is able to speed up or slow down time. In fact, he can turn back time and stop time running.

For example, Julius can heal the wounds of others or even himself by using time magic "turning back time" to a time when there was no wound in the healing target area.

With his irregular timing magic, Julius was actually able to defeat the Demon Clan. However, after he died his magic power became unclear and until now there is no information regarding the continuation of his power.

The power of Julius Novachrono, the Magic Emperor of Time Control


Julis uses a Grimoire that contains Time Magic spells. Every magic spell was written there and when Julius died and rose again there was only one page left.

Retraining Magic

This magic is always used by Julius to hold his enemies in prison in a timely manner. The enemy will be trapped in time and unable to escape.

This type of magic was once used to confine Yami and the Slashing Magic Commander who were fighting in a rocky area. Which at that time Yami came and restrained them from messing up and destroying the area.

A Warrior-class with the rank of commander alone could be helpless in this magical confinement. This indicates that Julius's containment magic is strong and sturdy to lock his opponent.

Transformation Magic This

type of magic is a type of magic that allows the user to transform into another person. And Julius always uses this magic to walk around when bored with his job as a magic emperor.

By using this magic Julius can walk around without anyone knowing that it is him. This magic can be used to seek information or be a spy to seek information that is profitable for the kingdom or even just for himself.

As is well known that Julius is very interested in all kinds of magic in the world, especially in the clover kingdom. Julius usually walks around looking for new or unique types of magic so he can learn them.

Immense Speed ​​(Incredible speed)

Julius' speed is amazing and he is even able to kill the enemy before the enemy realizes. With a very high speed Julius can approach the enemy without being noticed by the target.

This ability is used against the Eye of the Midnight Sun. At that time Julius killed 2 enemy magicians quickly and even the 2 magicians did not have time to act.

Then very strong Enemies like Sally and George also have a hard time rivaling Julius' speed so that not a single attack hits Julius.

Immense Magic Power

A magic emperor and also the strongest magic knight in the clover kingdom, Julius Novachrono, can no longer doubt his abilities. Moreover, this concerns the type or magic power it has.

The true nature of Julius' Time Magic is to steal time from the target and then use it as he wishes. The time taken is then stored until he needs and uses it.

This time magic is so extensive that it allows Julius to use it for the entire clover kingdom. Even before Julius died, he had 13 years of time saved and saved.

Mana Zone

Like all top tier magic knights. JUlius also has the power of mana zone which is able to control all the mana in his area.

Mana zones can be used to amplify the user's magic. Then when combined with Julius' physical strength and time magic, his abilities will increase even more.

Julius was able to predict where the attack would come from and then he was also able to predict all the possibilities that would happen.

Conclusion… Julius the Risen from the dead!!

When fighting the Elves controlled by the devil. Julius dies in battle and is killed by Captain Vengeance. To be more precise, it was someone who was a Vengeance self.

Then Julius got up again by relying on the 13 years of age he saved. The power of time that can raise Julius from the dead is the asterisk on the area of ​​his face. The asterisk indicates the time it has saved so far.

By using the time magic "time saved" Julius is back from the dead and becomes a 13 year old boy.


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