Yami Sukehiro "Black Clover", The Dimension Slayer from Hino Country

Yami Sukehiro "Black Clover", The Dimension Slayer from Hino Country

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Yami Sukehiro "Black Clover", The Dimension Slayer from Hino Country

Yami Sukehiro "Black Clover", The Dimension Slayer from Hino Country

 There are many magic knights in Clover's work who have above average abilities. One of them is Yami Sukehiro the Dimension Slayer who is able to defeat various powerful magic techniques.

Yami has gone through many battles with his magic knight squad, the Black Bull Squad. This Black Bull Squad is an outcast knight squad that contains only outcast knights.

"Outcast" knights don't mean weak knights. But they have their own way of solving problems without the rules that burden them. An example is Asta, He doesn't have any Magic Talent and even he can't use Magic. However, Yami takes him to the Black Bull line.

Magic Knight from Hino Country, Yami Stranded in Clover kingdom

Young Yami is stranded on the coast near Clover kingdom. At that time, Julius, who was always curious about magic techniques, found him on the coast.

In the Black Clover storyline, Yami is known as a commoner who turns out to be someone who is a stranger in the Clover kingdom. Yami comes from the Hino country which until now has not been told much in the anime series.

With the power of "Darkness" then he is able to become the Magic Commander of the Division of the Black Bull Squad. And is the first captain of the black bull squad.

Commander of the Black Bull Squad

Before becoming a Magic Knight Commander. Yami is a former member of the Gray Deer group of magic knights.

After getting the title of Magic Commander Yami chose a remote place, namely in a forest area to serve as his headquarters. Many oppose Yami for being a magic commander. The reason is because yami is just a commoner and is a foreigner in clover land.

But Julius as the Magic Emperor did not view anyone according to his rank. Because according to Julius, everyone should be equal whether it's nobles or commoners (from rural/poor origin) must have the same position. And what sets it apart is only the power of magic and the desire to keep the clover working.

Kindness and Cruelty Sukehiro

Yami has a very unique personality, namely kindness that is expressed through his cruelty. He was not like the general magic commander who was always friendly and firm. But Yami always guides his subordinates through the violence he always shows.

For example when Yami's subordinates get an award. All he did was slam them down then beat them up.

Actually it has been done by all members of the Black Bull. In fact, all members of the black bull are more Bar-Bars than other teams who always commit violence against their fellow members but in fact they love and care for each other.

His violence is a form of affection. Maybe it was just a joke from them….

Yami will protect all members of the Black Bull Squad. And even Yami is ready to fight the kingdom when Asta is considered a criminal. Not only Yami but all the members of the Black Bulls are ready to fight if any of them are in danger. Whoever the enemy is they think is "We are a big family of the Black Bulls".

Personality Yami Sukehiro

He tends to be reckless and easily provoked and gives off a killing aura. But Yami is highly respected by all the magic commanders including the magic emperor Julius.

He tends to prefer acting rather than issuing wise words. And that is the reason why many beautiful women like him, including the Blue Rose Squad commander.

Yami is a commander who gets angry easily over trivial matters. However, with his experience and fighting instincts he is able to strategize to defeat each of his enemies. Even though he is Semobron and has the head of a bull, Yami is not stupid. He tends to practice and hone all his skills to become the strongest and exceed his limits.

Yami always gives dangerous missions to all his subordinates. This is based on his love for all his subordinates. Because he believes with a big fight then they will become big too and they will quickly develop.

Strength Sukehiro

Yami has the power of darkness that can slash dimensions. This means that any power can be cut by him including demons. Not all magic knights can slash devils but yami can do it using a Dimensional slashing sword.

Yami Sukehiro

  • 's Dark Magic
  • Reinforcement Magic
  • Retraining Magic

Yami Sukehiro's Abilities

  • Master Swordsman
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Immense Durability
  • Enhanced Speed
  • ​​Immense Magic Power
  • Ki
  • Mana Zone

Yami Sukehiro

  • Grimoire
  • Katana
  • Communication device



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