7 Facts about Patolli (Patri) "Black Clover", Using the Name and Body Licht

7 Facts about Patolli (Patri) "Black Clover", Using the Name and Body Licht

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7 Facts about Patolli (Patri) "Black Clover", Using the Name and Body Licht 

7 Facts about Patolli (Patri) "Black Clover", Using the Name and Body Licht

Patolli is the leader of the elven group "the Eye of the Midnight Sun" which attacks the Clover Kingdom. Patolli and his team collect crystal stones which will later be used as generators.

He was wearing a typical elf outfit with an elf robe. If depicted the patolli's body looks tall and has golden eyes and white hair. Then he also has a crescent shaped tattoo and 2 dots above his eyes.

Like most of the other elves, he has tremendous Mana and great strength. Then Patolli's ears are also pointed like the elves in general.


's reincarnation Patolli reincarnated into William Vangeance's body after 5 centuries of the destruction of the elves. After that he also reincarnated his friends, namely Rhya, Vetto, and Fana into human form.

The leader of The Eye of the Midnight Sun

Patolli is the leader of the elven group "Eyes of the Midnight Sun". This group has a mission to resurrect all the Elves and also their leader, Licht.

This mission involved the first Magic Emperor who possessed the crystal stones needed by the elves to be reincarnated. The fight of this group has been seen several times, including in the underwater temple. AT the underwater temple Asta's group and some of the magic knight commanders fight him and end up with the defeat of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

Using Licht's Name and Body

Patolli uses a Licht-like name and appearance and maybe it's true that it's a licht (Maybe). Then he also shared the body with william vangeance and became the reason why william betrayed.

By using Licht's body, his appearance is also the same as Licht's. With a tall and slender body and has tattoos and some special details that the licht has.

Hatred of Humans

His hatred of humans and even he wants to destroy all humans. This is because humans are always ready to betray and even to their own race.

Patolli greatly admires Licht and even always stays by Licht's side. This hatred may have something to do with the destruction of the Elves caused by humans. At least that's what Patolli knows.

The Mastermind Behind the Destruction of the Elves

All this time, Patolli had assumed that humans were responsible for the destruction of the elves. But after the appearance of the Devil then everything was explained clearly.

The devil said that he was the mastermind responsible for the destruction of the elves. After knowing this fact then Patolli sank into madness and despair which made him a black elf.

Patolli Saves the Clover Kingdom

After learning the truth of the destruction of the elven nation Patolli sinks into despair. Then she turned into a black elf and her grimoire was taken by the devil.

Patolli continues to sink into distrust and despair that makes him unable to admit all his faults. The mistake that Patolli made was to attack humans and betray Licht's trust in humans.

But Asta helps and convinces his heart to get out of his despair. After that Patolli became a better person and he even sacrificed himself for the safety of all humans in the clover kingdom.

This incident also removes Patolli's doubts about humans, especially the strong bond between Licht and the first emperor of the clover kingdom.

Rise from the dead

After sacrificing himself to save the clover kingdom. Patolli is revived by Rades and uses Licht's former body.

After his resurrection, Patolli underwent many changes and repented. Change to a better person and ready to atone for his sins for all he has done.


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