The Power of Patolli (Patri) In the Black Clover Anime

The Power of Patolli (Patri) In the Black Clover Anime

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The Power of Patolli (Patri) In the Black Clover Anime


The Power of Patolli (Patri) In the Black Clover Anime,

Pattoli or commonly called Patri is an elf who is reincarnated using Licht's body and clothes. Patolli's power is a basic light magic that can match Julius' time magic.

Patolli plays an evil character in the anime black clover but in the end he repents and becomes a good person. His affection for the elves made him an evil elf because of human actions in the past.

In the past, the Devil became the mastermind in the division between the elves and humans which made Patri to hate the human figure. It started with the destruction of the elves caused by the greed of the human nobility.

Patolli's Powers (Patri)

Patolli or Patri has light based powers and then he also has 4 cloverleaf Grimoire with Light magic. In his Grimoire Patolli has various types of Light-based magic which until now there are several that have been shown.

Light Magic User

Patolli's power is light magic. This type of magic is a rare type of magic because of its greatness and it is rare for anyone to have or even see this magic.

The Elves are a nation that is loved by mana. So their Mana is very big and strong. Then Patolli is gifted with light magic which he can use to blind his opponent's sight and move at the speed of light.

Then this Magic can also be used to attack and defend. So the power of Light Magic is very dangerous if used by the wrong person.

Some of Patolli's Light Magic that has been shown:

  • Unnamed Light Movement Spell
  • Light Sword Of Judgment, Used to attack the enemy by creating a shard of light in the form of a sword that is aimed at the enemy target.
  • Heaven-Splitting Flash, This Magic is in the form of a ball of light which he then shoots light between the balls.
  • Light Shaft of Divine Punishment, This magic forms a giant ball of light which is then fired at the enemy.
  • Arrows of Judgment, This magic power is used to attack a large area. Patolli will create countless sword-shaped shards of light and then all those shards of light will rain down on everything below him.

Healing Magic

In addition to attack and defense. Patolli's power also has a healing nature, namely Healing Ray Of Light. This magic exists with the aim of recovering himself from the wounds he gets from battle.


Magic This Creation Magic is used to create or create a certain object with the main ingredient Light. This power was shown when Patolli made a whip made of light. The magic was called Bright Judgment Whip which he used to attack the enemy with a very strong and fast whip.

Reincarnation Magic

By using this magic the patolli can revive the dead in the bodies of the living. This magic is like Evil Eye Awakening, by using a lot of mana and then infusing it into the souls of living humans.

After inserting Mana into the human soul, the soul will be forced to "fall asleep". But if the sleeping person wakes up, the magic will be broken.

This magic requires a very large amount of mana and then the target's living soul must also have a body shape similar to the one to be resurrected. By using the Evil eye, the user will receive tremendous power when the eye is opened.

Combined Magic (combined with other people's magic)

The patoll's light magic can also be combined with other types of magic. For example light magic can be combined with Mirror magic. With the help of mirror magic, light magic can be reflected and form a random attack on the enemy.

Strong Speed ​​and Endurance

With the Basic Light Magic possessed by Patri, his speed is also able to resemble light. The speed of light is supported by a very strong body resistance that makes this patolli character very strong and fast.

Magic Power

As previously explained, solder has a rare power of light. Patolli's power in this type of magic is so terrifying that he is able to rival magic emperors in a duel.

With his power, Patolli was able to destroy the entire clover kingdom and all its inhabitants. Well Patolli's Magic Power is very scary isn't it???

Dark Elf Patolli's Strength

After despairing of the reality, Patolli finally turned into a Dark Elf. With this change all of his powers increased drastically and he also had access to a very dangerous type of magic.

Dark Elf Patolli's magic that has been shown:

  • Demon Light Magic
    – Light Sword of judgment
    – ​​Light Shaft of Divine Punishment
    – ​​Bright Judgment Whip
  • Enhanced Speed
  • ​​Enhanced Magic Power


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