The power of William Vangeance “Black Clover”, Lord of the World Tree

The power of William Vangeance “Black Clover”, Lord of the World Tree

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The power of William Vangeance “Black Clover”, Lord of the World Tree

The power of William Vangeance “Black Clover”, Lord of the World Tree

William Vangeance's power is beyond doubt. Since childhood, William has mastered his magic, namely the magic power of the World Tree.


William was the greatest Royal Magic Knight Commander of his time. So he was mentioned as the closest person to get the title of the next magic knight and replace Julius.

Behind the greatness of his strength, it turns out that William has a very painful past because he was born as the illegitimate child of a noble. Plus he has a scar (from birth) on the top of his face so many people hate him.

Then William met Julius somewhere near a large tree. Julius is attracted by William's magic power and invites him to join the magic knights. Because William has an injured face, Julius gives a mask that can cover that part of his face.

After Joining the Gray Deer Squad, William's strength development was increasingly visible and finally succeeded in becoming a Magic Commander.

William Vangeance's Strength

William has a 3 cloverleaf Grimoire which contains all the magic related to the World Tree. With his magic he is able to manipulate and also create a large tree.

World Tree Magic

As previously explained, that William has the power to manipulate and create a world tree. This magic is used by William to defend and attack. Then the Root of this Tree can also absorb enemy chakra. So cool isn't it?? hhe

Some of the world's tree magic powers that have been shown:

  • Magic Tree Descent : This power is used to summon the Giant Tree Root that will later come from the sky. From the roots of this tree, William can make several things made of wood and when this magic is finished, the roots of the tree will return to the clouds.
  • Great Tree Misteltein : This power is used by spreading tree roots over a very large area. Then with that root william was able to absorb all the mana of everyone in the root area. If a lot of mana is absorbed then william can make a very large tree and even drown a city.
  • Misteltein Seed : This power is used by throwing a seed at the enemy target. Then the Seed will absorb mana from its target which will later become a large tree in the target area and immobilize it quickly.
  • Dracaena Formation : William hits the ground and then a large root appears that is able to withstand and attack the enemy.
  • Magic Warding Ash : William creates a large ash tree and then branches from the tree can block enemy spells.

The Power of Healing Magic

William Vangeance's strength wasn't just his defensive and attack magic. However he also mastered healing magic which was able to restore himself as well as everyone in the area of ​​the large tree.

Budding Of Yggdrasil is William's healing magic that has been shown. This magic grows a very large tree and then its branches wrap around and lift the person who is at bay.

William is able to heal and treat many people at once with different types of wounds.

Union Magic (Union Magic)

This magic is a combined magic used by william. This magic is used by William to unite his magic with Licht. This magic is able to provide information to all allies easily.


power is enormous, he can summon a very large tree root and then be able to make a huge hole in the sky. His magic power was able to absorb all the mana from people within his magic range. Not only that, the attack and defense power is also very impressive.

In addition he also has the magic power to heal the wounds of other magic knights. So in addition to attacking and defending he is also able to become a doctor in war.

Can imagine how strong and great William. So many say that he is the best candidate to replace the magic emperor.




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