7 Gluttony Rimuru Tempest Skill “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Evolution of Rimuru's Predator

7 Gluttony Rimuru Tempest Skill “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Evolution of Rimuru's Predator

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Skill Rimuru's Gluttony Skill Tempest is the Evolution of Predator Skill. The Skill was capable of absorbing and consuming all kinds of magic power that was launched towards Rimuru. the way it was used was to form a magic energy vortex that served to engulf all kinds of magic that was aimed at Rimuru.

The Gluttony skill was always used by Rimuru to eliminate enemy attacks that were aimed at him. Not only small-scale attacks, because even large-scale attacks can be swallowed directly by Rimuru. This skill is very strong and unique, that's why many monsters are afraid and "Amazed" by the power of this one Rimuru.

Rimuru's Gluttony

Skill Tempest Gluttony Skill is an Evolution Skill of the Predator Unique Skill. The Predator Skill is combined with another Unique Skill, namely the Starved Skill which produces a new type of magic, namely Gluttony. The Gluttony skill has several Effects (Types) in its use, the following is the review:

Predation Rimuru

Tempest's strength "Predation" is able to swallow enemy targets into his body. Swallowing enemies was something Rimuru had shown many times and then when he first entered the world of Tensura, the first thing Rimuru did was to swallow all kinds of plants and materials in the Cave.

Now, the use of Predation will be very easy if it is done on an unconscious target or an inanimate object. Because if the enemy's target is conscious, it will be difficult to swallow it. But swallowing a conscious target is still possible, but not as easy as targeting an inanimate object.


Stomach is used to store Items or targets inside Rimuru's body. Maybe Veldoran and Ifrit were also in Rimuru's Stomach using this Skill, Because Stomach had no time or space limit in it. Whoever or whatever has been swallowed, then he will continue to stay inside as long as Rimuru doesn't allow them to come out.


Rimuru Tempest is able to copy the power of the Target it swallows. For example, he could use Veldora's power that was in his stomach with evidence of growing dragon wings on Rimuru's back. Then he can also copy the items he swallowed, This was shown when in the Dwarf kingdom. Rimuru copied the Sword made by the 3 Dwarf brothers.

Please note, that this skill can not always be used. The reason for that was because this skill depended on the analysis done by Raphael. If Raphael can analyze properly then any skill or item can be copied by Rimuru.


Storage Isolation, This is specifically for the storage of hazardous materials that can be used to replace magical energy. This hazardous material usually does not need to be analyzed beforehand and is only used to replace magic energy.

3 Gluttony Skills (Additional

Skills) This Gluttony skill has 4 strengths from Rimuru Tempest's Predator skill. However, Rimuru Tempest's Stomach Capacity became larger, resulting in 3 new Sub-Skills, here's the review:


Skill is related to the Predation skill. By using the Corrosion Skill, Rimuru had the possibility to analyze the strength or body part that was swallowed into his stomach. This is done by outlining the target and then analyzing it. However, the success rate is small. This skill was often used to swallow the type of powerful magic aimed at Rimuru. and it could be said that the Corrosion Skill was an Evolution skill from the Predation skill.


Rimuru's power is able to give the possibility to "Take" or "Use" the power of his subordinates. However Rimuru had to improve his skills and then learn his magic and knowledge first. It was because magic and knowledge materials could not be “Transferred” directly to Rimuru's body.


is not just copying and taking the power of other beings. Rimuru Tempest can also give his power to the Monsters he is related to. For example, Rimuru could give one of his skills to use by his subordinates. Now that way Rimuru can strengthen his subordinates by completing the Skills of all the desired targets.

Gluttony or Glutton Skill is an Evolutionary Skill from Rimuru Tempest's Predator Skill. Rimuru has many Skills resulting from his Predator skill and then he develops it again to make it stronger and more powerful.


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