Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Rimuru became True Demon Lord

Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Rimuru became True Demon Lord

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Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest, Rimuru became True Demon Lord after he massacred thousands of Farmus Kingdom soldiers who destroyed his city. Rimuru was angry after seeing his citizens and Shion Die by Farmus kingdom troops. Which then triggers Rimuru to massacre all Farmus soldiers who were there.

The beginning of the story, Rimuru managed to avoid the attack of Hinata who is a holy knight. After that Rimuru got an emergency call from one of his subordinates which then made him go straight to Jura Tempest. Well after Rimuru arrived at Jura Tempest, he saw 100 of his citizens die and then Rimuru's anger peaked after seeing Shion's death.

That incident left Rimuru speechless and sad for some time. Rimuru thought, what to do?? He continues to think of a way out of all the problems that occur.

After some time, Rimuru gained a bit of hope that allowed him to revive all of his fallen subordinates including Shion. The only way was to become a True Demon Lord, But Hope had little chance of success. In order to become a True Demon Lord Rimuru had to slaughter at least 10,000 human souls.

Well Rimuru took that way and decided to use Farmus' army as a sacrifice. Rimuru flew and made thousands of water droplets in the sky, the Water Drops were shaped like a convex lens. By utilizing sunlight, the water droplets produce a very hot and sharp laser beam.

With the speed of light and the sharp and hot rays of the sun, Rimuru managed to slay at least 15 thousand Farmus soldiers in one hit. Well after that incident, Rimuru rose and became a True Demon Lord. Then he also managed to revive all of his fallen citizens including Shion.

After Rimuru became a True Demon Lord, Rimuru's “Slime” Form also evolved into a Demon Slime. Well this incident also made all of Rimuru's subordinates Evolve and become stronger.

Rimuru's Magic Energy increased by 10x than usual. Then Rimuru also got a new Ultimate Skill, namely Gluttonious King Beelzebuth, Wisdom King Rafhael and several other skills.

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