7 Strongest Attacks in Naruto that are Famously Dangerous and Deadly

7 Strongest Attacks in Naruto that are Famously Dangerous and Deadly

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7 Strongest Attacks in Naruto that are Famously Dangerous and Deadly

7 Strongest Attacks in Naruto that are Famously Dangerous and Deadly

The strongest attacks in Naruto are not easy to determine, because there are some of the best jutsu in the world. However, what exactly are jutsu and their evolving categories?

Jutsu is a manifestation of one's chakra, which correlates with the balance of Yin and Yang in certain Tailed Beasts.

Ordinary shinobi have the ability to regenerate chakra over a period of time so that their ninjutsu yields greater results.

For example, Minato performed a sealing ritual called the Reaper Death Seal to trap Kurama in the belly of the God of Death.


However, as his chakra consumption had decreased, he focused on separating Kurama's Yin and Yang nature, thereby trapping half into Death and the rest into Naruto.


So what jutsu has the strongest attack on Naruto? Let's see the discussion!

Here are the strongest attacks in Naruto that you need to know:

1) Rasengan

The strongest attack in Naruto is the first Rasengan.


The Rasengan is a literal orb of chakra collected in the palm of a shinobi's hand. Designed after the Tailed Beast Ball, this jutsu is a concentrated collection of pure chaos and destruction.


This is similar to a water ball in which the chakra acts as a stable fluid replica that is continuously rotated.


2) Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei

The Edo Tensei is a very specific summoning ritual that involves summoning the dead. To invoke this, a living sacrifice is required so that the dead may possess it. However, if one's soul is not in the Holy Land, they cannot be reincarnated.


Once summoned, the dead can be directed to perform a number of actions, such as attacking fellow shinobi or trying to overtake various countries in the world.

3) Bansho Tenin

Bansho Tenin can pull a target towards him at will, at an unprecedented speed if the chakra flow is efficient enough. The number of pulls depends on the user and can make or break the jutsu if it is incomplete.

Multiple targets can be drawn at once if one has sufficient chakra reserves, although this connection can be broken if concentration is disturbed.

4) Shinra Tensei

The next strongest attack in Naruto is the Shinra Tensei jutsu.

Shrinra Tensei is an offshoot of the Rinnegan and is similar to Bansho Tenin. However, it works the opposite of Bansho as objects are pushed away from the shinobi. Other ninjutsu such as Amaterasu can be removed just like any other shinobi.

However, that can only be done by those who have perfected all five realm transformations. Otherwise, it would be almost impossible to perfect this jutsu.

5) Susanoo

The Mangeky Sharingan's strongest ability, Susanoo, is a powerful jutsu that manifests as living chakra fighting on behalf of its user. In its weakest form, it will not protect the user, although this can be countered with higher chakra control.

Advanced Sharingan users can cloak themselves in Susanoo and perform other jutsu while maintaining control.

6) Amaterasu

Amaterasu is a fire based dojutsu and the highest form of Fire Release. Its black flames are said to originate from the underworld and will eat anything it comes into contact with.

The flames are so deadly that they will not stop burning until their intended target is burned to ashes, or the user dissolves them.

7) Chidori

The last strongest attack in Naruto is the Chidori technique.

Chidori is a concentration of lightning particles that form in the palms of shinobi. A large amount of chakra is required to produce adequate form.

This can cause excruciating pain to the intended victim, although the user can only aim in a straight line, thus creating a blind spot. If one managed to overcome their blind spot, they would attack their enemy with a powerful explosion of electricity.


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