The Story of Itachi Uchiha's Life Journey "The Hero Behind the Shadows"

The Story of Itachi Uchiha's Life Journey "The Hero Behind the Shadows"

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The Story of Itachi Uchiha's Life Journey "The Hero Behind the Shadows"

The Story of Itachi Uchiha's Life Journey "The Hero Behind the Shadows"

Itachi Uchiha is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha and a former chairman of Konoha's Anbu Gakure from the Uchiha clan.


His father, Fugaku Uchiha, was the head of the Uchiha Clan and the head of the police force in Konoha Village. Itachi was responsible for the Uchiha clan massacre that had made him an S-level fugitive ninja.

He is also a member of Akatsuki with his colleague Kisame Hoshigaki. Itachi Uchiha who was born from the Uchiha Clan grew into a great pride for his clan because of his extraordinary abilities.

He was admired by people as the best of his generation and recognized as a genius who was on a higher level than the rest, even when compared to the standards of the Uchiha Clan's fighting ability, Itachi far surpassed those standards.


Not only recognized by his family, friends or even his teacher, but by all the villagers when Itachi was four years old, Itachi Uchiha witnessed with his own eyes the large number of lives lost in the third Shinobi world war, the atrocities of the war and the suffering of the war, this tragedy made him suffer. mental trauma that was very great and made him a person who prioritized the interests and peace of the village more than anything else.


At the age of seven, Itachi graduated from the Academy in just one year with the highest marks of all.


Itachi Uchiha is one of the youngest Anbu members.

When he was eight years old, Itachi was able to master the Sharingan. passed the chuunin exams when he was 10 years old and became chairman of the Anbu In a very young age of 13 years.


But the interesting story all started when Itachi Uchiha entered the ranks of the Anbu. Itachi who is a clan of the Uchiha became a double-sided eye both spies for others and for the village.


Itachi became the leader of the Anbu at that time, when the Uchiha Clan initiated a coup plan against Konoha, Itachi as Anbu who had the freedom and power to move into an Uchiha clan spy against Konoha realized that this coup would only trigger war between the Ninja nations, and the result of mental trauma where this kind of war will only lead to more bloodshed and loss of life.


Itachi turned into Konoha's spy against the Uchiha clan by handing over information about the Uchiha to the third Hokage and Konoha's top brass, Homura Koharu and Danzo.


During that time Itachi uchiha started behaving strangely starting from not attending important Clan meetings, speaking badly about the clan in a defiant tone and being accused of being the murderer of his best friend Uchiha Shisui, before Itachi made up his mind to slaughter the entire Uchiha Clan.


He was prevented by Shisui who intended to use peaceful means through his Sharingan stance to manipulate Fugaku's thoughts about the coup in Konoha, but this effort was blocked by Danzo who wanted to have the Sharingan, so that he took one Sharingan belonging to Shisui realizing the many obstacles that confronted Sishui and suggested Itachi to continue the original plan.


Shisui gave the remaining Sharinggan to Itachi while talking about the good name of the Uchiha, the pride of Konoha and with the Shinobi world, then Shisui fell from the top of the waterfall, because he had no other choice.

Itachi, assisted by Tobi, massacred the entire Uchiha Clan, only Sasuke was left alive. The curse of hatred that overshadows the Uchiha cannot be avoided, but it is also that hatred that makes an Uchiha stronger because of this consideration Itachi made Sasuke hate him so much in the hope that he was motivated to develop into a great Shinobi and also the only pride of Itachi Uchiha who was respected in Konoha. .


Even though Itachi realized that this method was wrong, but he still intended to want his brother to be strong as a difficult affection for Sasuke after the Uchiha Clan massacre when Itachi was about to leave the village without he shed tears seeing Sasuke.

when Danzo was in the Uchiha area suddenly Itachi in the form of a cloaked person with a mask, Only if he dared to hurt Sasuke before actually joining Akatsuki, Itachi met the third Hokage to explain what really happened.

Itachi Uchiha also asked to take care of Sasuke, when he joined Akatsuki this request was approved although the Third Hokage lamented that this kind of path had to be taken which caused Konoha to lose one of the best clans in the village.


While in Akatsuki Itachi became a threat throughout the Ninja country, because his name was famous after slaughtering his own clan, so that anyone who heard his name would be frightened. He was even able to defeat the Jinchuriki Sanbi with the power of his Amaterasu.


Itachi entered Akatsuki so that his main goal could be accomplished, Itachi hoped that with his entry into Akatsuki Itachi could continue to protect his village, Konoha, by overseeing the activities of Konoha's top brass and Sasuke.


Indirectly he also watched him from the outside, when he heard the third Hokage had died, Itachi began to worry about Sasuke's safety, he was afraid that Sasuke who was still weak was also killed.


To make sure that's all he came to Konoha to check on Sasuke's condition and also see whether his meaning was stronger or not, this was shown when he and Kisame searched for the Kyubi to Konoha.


That's a short story about Itachi's life journey, if we tell all about it, it will not end about him.


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