The Spade Kingdom's 3 Demons “Black Clover”, the High-Level

The Spade Kingdom's 3 Demons “Black Clover”, the High-Level

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The Spade Kingdom's 3 Demons “Black Clover”, the High-Level

Devils of the Spade Kingdom's devils are the high-ranking devils used by the Zofree Brothers. These demons inhabit the bodies of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad. Until now it is known that the demon is a high-level demon that is very difficult to defeat. This was proven by the destruction of the Golden Dawn Squad at Zenon's hands.

There are 3 Devils who are known to have been in the Spade Kingdom, but with the growth of the Underworld Gate Tree, there is a possibility that new demons will appear in the Spade Kingdom. Then Nacht Faust who is the vice captain of the Black Bull squad has also witnessed the existence of demons in the Spade kingdom.

Nacht Faust has been a spy in the Spade kingdom for many years. He witnessed the growth of demons in the spade kingdom with his own two eyes, Then he also said that the demons in the spade kingdom were very strong and he was unable to fight them alone even though in reality Nacht had 4 demons.

Spade Kingdom Devils

There are 3 Devils who are known to be in the Spade Kingdom, Here's a brief review:


Lucifero is the highest ranked demon among the other demons. Lucifero entered into a contract with Dante Zofree and gave his powers to be used by Dante. Lucifero has 4 wings and 4 horns, so he really looks down on anyone who has low and weak strength.

Lucifero would not hesitate to kill anyone. Asta's devil named Liebe was beaten by Lucifero, even after Liebe was in the human world, Lucifero still chased him. After the first Gate of the underworld opens, the Power of Lucifero can be used 100% by Dante.

Lucifero's Demonic Power :

  • Gravity Magic : By using this Magic, Lucifero can control Gravity according to his heart's desire.
  • Immense Magic Power: As the strongest and highest ranked demon, So he has enormous magical abilities which he can control very easily.
  • Lucifero has a very unique ability, namely that he can control low-ranking devils wherever they are.


Megicula Contracted with Vanica Zofree. He is one of the highest ranked demons who possess curse-fighting magic. There are 2 people who have been cursed by Megicula, namely Acier Silva and Princess Lolopechka. Until now Megicula seems to have 2 horns on his head.

Megicula has a very high curiosity. Which results in his changing attitude. Then he also often conducts scary experiments on living things and humans are the best objects according to Megicula. He was very interested in magic, so his experiments continued endlessly and then it was said that Megicula liked sealing magic. Which until now is known to Secre who owns it.

In the past Megicula had made a pact with the Agrippa family, but until now it is not clear about the agreement. Later in the present, Megicula entered into a contract with Vanica zofree and she was able to control 100% of Megicula's power after the main gate of the underworld opened.

Megicula's Demonic Powers:

  • Curse Repellent Magic that becomes a curse in the world of the living.
  • His immense magical ability, It was proven by his position as one of the highest ranked demons in the underworld.

Zenon's Devil

Until now, Zenon's Devil has not clearly seen the detailed information. However Demon Zenon must be the highest ranked demon as well. It can be seen from the destruction of the Golden Dawn troops in Zenon's hands. Then Zenon's ability is further enhanced by using his demonic magic.

The Devil Zenon's name is also unknown. So information regarding zenon demons is very limited for now. It is said that the Demon Zenon has the power of Space. The space magic allows Zenon to create a space that he can control and combine it with his bone magic.

Zenon's demon space magic is usually used in the form of a cube. It contained mana pools and rooms that he could control as he wished. You can imagine how Zenon's Over Power will be if the enemy is entered into space magic and then stabbed using his bone magic.

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