Asta's Demonic Power "Liebe" in Anime Black Clover

Asta's Demonic Power "Liebe" in Anime Black Clover


Asta's Demonic Power "Liebe" in Anime Black Clover

Asta's Demonic Power "Liebe" in Anime Black Clover

Asta's demonic power that is in his Grimoire turns out to be the trigger / Source of his Anti-magic power. Liebe is the name of the demon that resides in the 5-leaf clover Grimoire.

Liebe is a demon who doesn't have magic. It made him tormented continuously in the underworld because of his state of not having magic power. Maybe that's also felt by Asta, but what distinguishes it is that Asta is not tortured but only bullied.

Liebe is lost in the world of life and is in the clover kingdom. But because humans are afraid of demons, he runs to the forest area and finally meets Licita. Then Licita brought Liebe to her house. Long story short Licita adopted Liebe and the name "Liebe" was given by Licita.

Liebe is a Devil Who Hates Devils

The hatred towards other demons continues to blacken within Liebe. This was due to the torment he received when he was still in the underworld. And then the hatred exists because the devil has killed his adoptive mother.


's Power Asta's Demonic Power or rather is the power of the demon that resides in Asta's grimoire is Anti Magic Power.

Liebe is in Asta's 5 clover-leaf Grimoire which Asta continues to use to fight. That way, Liebe's Anti-magic power can be accessed by Asta.

So Asta's Anti Magic power comes from Liebe.


Power This power is used through the sword which is coated with anti-magic. With this magic he is able to neutralize any magic that is directed at him. So all forms of magic from attack or defense magic can be neutralized by liebe.

Demonic Powers

Asta has already shown the powers that liebe involved. These powers include the Anti-Magic Sword used by Asta.

Here is Asta's demonic power that has been shown:

Devil Possessed

As previously explained that Asta has access to Liebe's power. So he was able to use Liebe's anti-magic power. But the more anti-magic is used, the more black Asta's body will be and resembles a demon.

Black Asta

This power begins to be learned by Asta when he is in the environment of magicians. The witch queen unlocks Asta's anti-magic barrier which he then learns how to use.

This ability continues to be studied until he is able to cover his body with anti-magic power. Then his anti-magic mana flowed through his body and enveloped him.

After the battle against the elves and demons, Asta has slightly mastered the energy of Black Asta's power with his half demon form.

Anti Magic

Sword This Anti Magic Sword has often been used by Asta. The anti-magic sword is able to dispel enemy magic and can be used for attack and defense.

Demon Slayer Sword

This sword is Asta's first sword. The Demon Slayer Sword can be increased in size and attack range. When training in the Heart Kingdom, Asta is able to control this power and can attack further areas.

Demon Dweller Sword

The power of this sword is able to attack enemies from a distance so that Asta's attack distance becomes wider. By using this power, Asta is able to cut the enemy's magic from a distance and he can also cut magic through his slash.

In addition, the power of this sword can also borrow magic from those closest to it which is then used as a means of attack or defense. Before being used, the borrowed Magic will be inserted into the sword first.

Demon Destroyer Sword

this third sword's power is destroying "Cause". By using this power, he is able to cancel any magic, including reincarnation magic.

Demon Slasher Katana

This power is used by using Yami's sword. More precisely during the fight with Dante, Yami lends his sword to combine with Asta's demonic power.

By using this power Asta has the possibility to deal enormous damage to the enemy.


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