The power of the Sylph “Black Clover”, the Spirit of Wind that Serves Yuno

The power of the Sylph “Black Clover”, the Spirit of Wind that Serves Yuno

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The power of the Sylph “Black Clover”, the Spirit of Wind that Serves Yuno


The power of the Sylph “Black Clover”, the Spirit of Wind that Serves Yuno

Sylph Is the Spirit of the wind that serves Yuno. Sylph's power is Wind Magic which he can use to attack and defend and can also be used to make armor.

After serving Yuno, Sylph was given the name Bell by Yuno and continues to use that name to this day. He continues to take care of Yuno with all his might until all women are against him :D.

Bell is very cheerful and moves freely Like the wind that keeps blowing wherever he is. Yuno finds a Sylph scroll in a dungeon while battling Mars and his group.

After the scroll was found then he read it. Instantly the Grimoire and the scroll shone brightly and the writing on the scroll disappeared. It was then that Time seemed to stop and a Bell appeared on Yuno's shoulder.

Sylph Yuno's Strength "Wind Spirit"

Like Yuno's Basic magic, Sylph (bell) also has extraordinary wind power. Sylph is a Wind Spirit who must have enormous wind power.

Using his powers Sylph can generate and manipulate wind. The magic can be used as a weapon to attack or a force to defend.

Mana Sensor

Sylph'sThis ability is needed in warfare or even to find information on which sources.

Magic Power

As previously explained, Sylph is a Wind Spirit who certainly has extraordinary wind power.

Here is the Wind Magic Power used by Sylph (Bell) with Yuno (which has been shown):

Sylph's Breath

This magic is used by Yuno by reciting magic spells in his Grimoire. This magic summons Sylph's Wind Spirit and then helps him to create a large Bullet which is then launched towards the enemy.

Even though this magic is in a large and powerful form but this huge Bullet Wave is well concentrated. That's because Yuno is helped by the Wind Magic Spirit (Sylph) which seems to be pushing and giving Yuno immense power.

Spirit Dive

Yuno uses a spell in his Grimoire to use the elements of the Wind Spirit Sylph. This power is able to increase Yuno's power and control and restrain the Spirit's power within his body.

When this power is combined with sylph (Bell) then some of Yuno's body will turn green. Then there are several attribute accessories that appear such as a cross bracelet and a half-crown that is attached to his head.

When the battle in the kingdom of Speede. Yuno had already reached the Spirit diving level which was able to cover most of his body with mana. And then he also had the perfect crown shape and his wings were halved.

Spirit Storm

Uses his Grimoire and absorbs the power of the Wind Spirit. After that he concentrated power on one of his arms and then launched the massive mana towards the enemy.

This magic is similar to Kame Kame Haaaa from the anime next door…. with a very large power then the size of the attack is also large and strong.

Liable Tempest

This magic is Yuno and Sylph's containment magic. This magic is used by flying quickly to create a wind rotation. Then the vortex of the wind is turned into a cocoon that can withstand the enemy.

Spirit Hushed Dance

This magic is like a mana zone that can control all the mana around it. After absorbing wind spirit mana, he is able to control all the mana around him and has the possibility to dodge any attacks that are aimed at him.

As the name suggests, Yuno will dance freely along the area he has mastered (the Mana Zone Area).

Spirit Of Zephyr

This magic is a creation magic with the main basis of wind magic. Yuno can use this magic to create a form of magic object with the main ingredient of wind.

Examples such as making wind transportation tools or making swords to use in battle.



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