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Asta's parents "Black Clover", Asta's mother and Liebe's adoptive mother

by Staff Okuen 17 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Asta's parents "Black Clover", Asta's mother and Liebe's adoptive mother

Information about Asta's parents in the Black Clover anime has not yet been fully revealed. However, it has been confirmed that Richita is Asta's mother and Liebe's adoptive mother.

Richita is the only "Original" Asta family that has been introduced. Richita is a kind and loving woman. She is also the type of woman who is forthright and says what she thinks. Richita doesn't hesitate to help anyone, including a demon child who is injured in the middle of the forest.

Richita deeply regrets her decision to leave her only son in a small village called Hage Village. He has a very strange disease, Karna can absorb magic energy and other people's life energy. With that Richita decided to live in a suburb of the village. Then after giving birth to Asta, she leaves the child in a basket in front of the door of the Hage Village Church.

One day, Richita finds a Grimoire with 5 clover leaves belonging to Licht. Strange events continued, until he found a devil lying weak in the depths of the forest. Without thinking he immediately brought the devil to his house and took care of him like his own child. Richita named the Devil with the name Liebe.

Richita and Liebe lead a peaceful and pleasant life. But the togetherness did not last long, a high-level devil named Lucifero discovered that there was a devil living in the world of the living. With that Lucifero plans to take Liebe's body to use in the world of the living.

Lucifero controlled Liebe's left arm and stuffed it into his chest. But Richita refused all of that, he absorbed Lucifero's magic power and succeeded in forcing Lucifero out of Liebe's body. Before Richita died, he managed to enter Liebe into a Grimoire with 5 Clover leaves. That way Liebe could grow without any interference from Lucifero.

Richita died as a result of trying to save her adopted son, Liebe. Now Liebe is with Asta, because Asta has a Grimoire with 5 clover leaves. So Asta and the Devil Liebe are adopted brothers.