Facts and 5 Strengths of Fuegoleon Vermillion "Black Clover", Owner of the Fire Spirit Salamander

Facts and 5 Strengths of Fuegoleon Vermillion "Black Clover", Owner of the Fire Spirit Salamander

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Facts and 5 Strengths of Fuegoleon Vermillion "Black Clover", Owner of the Fire Spirit Salamander

Fuegoleon Vermillion's power comes from his Fire Spirit and Fire Spirit Salamander's Power. He is the Commander of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knight Squad who has the possibility to become the next Magic Emperor.

Fuegoleon Vermillion wears his Army Special outfit with an all-Crimson cloth. He has enormous fire power and the prestige of a perfect leader. His nature doesn't look down on others and even respects commoners like Asta and Yuno.

Fuegoleon Vermillion Facts Fuegoleon

Vermillion is one of the Clover Kingdom's Noble Sons. The Vermillion family had a very high position and he was also bestowed with immense power. With this power, Fuegoleon Vermillion managed to become one of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Commanders.

Fuegoleon Vermillion has a very charismatic personality with impeccable leadership. He can easily find enemy weaknesses and analyze the situation very well. The orders he gave were always precise and gave the best position to all his colleagues.

In the battle against the Elf Tribe, Fuegoleon Vermillion falls into a coma due to a deadly attack from the enemy. In his "coma", he gains a new power, namely the Fire Spirit Salamander, which until now has become part of his power.

The Power of Fuegoleon Vermillion

Fuegoleon Has a 3 cloverleaf Grimoire which contains various Fire magics. He is an expert in the use of Fire and was even chosen by the Fire Spirit Salamander to be his Master.

Fuegoleon has extraordinary magic power, then his strength is supported by very strong physique. That way, he really deserves to be a magic commander. In addition, Fuegoleon is also very skilled in designing combat strategies. His composure and analysis were impeccable and always spot on.

Fire Magic

Fuegoleon could easily create and manipulate Fire Magic. This fire magic can be used to attack, defend or for other Offensive abilities. Fuegoleon has a very high level of mastery of his fire power.

Creation Magic

Apart from using random/Normal Fire Magic. Fuegoleon can also create an object using his fire magic. For example, he can create a fire lion that can be used to attack enemies. Creation Magic that has been used by Fuegoleon include:

  • Fire Lion (Mount)
  • Leo Rugiens (Fire Burst Attack)
  • Ignis Columna (Fire Wall Defense)

Restraining Magic

This magic is used to restrain the enemy using Fire Magic. Usually the form of this magic resembles the grip of a very strong fire. This magic was used several times in battles under the name Leo Palma.

Spirit Magic

Fuegoleon can summon Fire Spirits to the Battlefield. The Fire Spirit Salamander will help him in battle with extremely strong strength and OverPower. This technique was once used in battle with the Skill Name Salamander's Breath.

Reinforcement Magic

This ability is used to increase his Physical strength stats. In some battle scenes, Fuegoleon is seen strengthening his physique such as using acceleration or resistance magic.

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