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Boruto Confirms That Sasuke Is Still The Trump Card Against Momoshiki

15 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Boruto Confirms That Sasuke Is Still The Trump Card Against Momoshiki


Boruto Confirms That Sasuke Is Still The Trump Card Against Momoshiki

Manga Boruto has found a way to make Sasuke valuable in the war with Momoshiki tsutsuki, even though he doesn't have the Rinnegan anymore.

One of the scariest events in the war against Isshiki tsutsuki was how quickly Uchiha Sasuke lost his Rinnegan.

He doesn't see Boruto being possessed by Momoshiki, who plucks out his eyes and tries to kill Sasuke.

Fortunately, he was able to withstand the alien and it seemed that holding him back for now was very difficult.

This Rinnegan not only allowed Sasuke to teleport around the land and into multiple dimensions, it made him the god who protected the village of Konoha.

He even had the power to revive a village if needed, but that was all lost when he was stabbed right in the eye.

The timing couldn't have been worse as Naruto had lost Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, in a fight with Isshiki, which meant he was now as vulnerable as ever.

However, Boruto chapter 73 has a brief moment that confirms that Sasuke will be a major asset once Momoshiki appears again to reignite their old rivalry.

Boruto: What is Momoshiki's Status in Konoha?

Momoshiki didn't want to die when Kawaki destroyed Boruto, all to prevent the Hokage's son.

The alien then used his physical DNA to reform his own body, but that meant Momoshiki couldn't be reborn fully again.

His consciousness has lingered ever since, mocking Boruto that he would soon have it rather than being physically regenerated.

It frightens her mother Hinata, and her sister Himawari wonders what she can do to help.

Momoshiki appears once again in chapter 73, making the boy's life uncomfortable.

The alien keeps warning Boruto that time is ticking, and he will soon take possession of the boy's mind.

More than that, he would destroy them secretly, something he tried years ago, only for Sasuke and Naruto to stop him. This last time, but this time, mainly because Momoshiki wanted to exterminate the place before someone like Kawaki broke down and carried out their plans and missions.


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