How did Shanks get his scars in One Piece?

How did Shanks get his scars in One Piece?

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How did Shanks get his scars in One Piece?

So mysterious about how Shanks got his scar in One Piece?

Only the most dangerous people can give Shanks a permanent scar in One Piece. Considered one of the strongest pirates in the entire world, his two most notable characteristics are his red hair and trademark scars. There are three distinctive lines across his left eye.

Before going any further, there will be some major spoilers from the One Piece Film: Red and the Wano Country arc. Whoever gave Shanks the scar wasn't kidding.

How did Shanks get his scars in the famous One Piece in this series?

Just before the Marineford Peak War, Shanks visited Whitebeard to discuss certain pirates. For reference, manga readers can watch chapter 434, while anime viewers can watch in Episode 316.

It turns out that Shanks got his scar from Whitebeard's former crew, Marshall D. Teach.

Back in the day, his primary weapon of choice was claws. The blade also matches the scar that Shanks has on his face. As of today, he doesn't seem to be using his claws anymore.

Shanks tries to warn the Whitebeard Pirates of Blackbeard's dangerous potential. This was just before Portgas D. Ace was captured and sent to Impel Down, which orchestrated the move for the downfall of his entire crew.

When did Shanks get his scar?

Shanks already has a scar when he stole the Gomu Gomu no Mi from the CP0 ship, in chapter 1054. Chronologically, this happened 12 years after Roger disbanded his crew. It happened over a very long period of time.

One Piece has not revealed when Blackbeard injured Shanks. Some fans believe that Shanks may have gotten his scar right after Roger disbanded his crew. During the execution of the Pirate King, Shanks is seen crying over his former captain. However, his face was not clearly visible when this happened.

This flashback takes place during Chapter 434. One Piece fans can only speculate that Oda is hiding his face for some reason. It is possible that Blackbeard met Shanks right before Roger's death. Of course, that hasn't been confirmed in the story.

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