Facts & Powers of Zenon Zofree "Black Clover"

Facts & Powers of Zenon Zofree "Black Clover"

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Facts & Powers of Zenon Zofree "Black Clover"


Facts & Powers of Zenon Zofree "Black Clover",

Zenon Zofree's Bone Magic User is one of the members of the Dark Triad who uses Demon Power. Zenon Zofree's power is Bone-based magic that he can use to attack or defend.


Unlike the other Dark Triad Members, Zenon's Demonic Powers are still little known and even the name of the demon is still a mystery. Using his demonic powers he was able to defeat the commander of the golden dawn, William Vangeance and several of his comrades.

Zenon wears the same clothes as the other members of the Dark Triad, which is a black shirt and fur coat. Then after he uses his demonic powers, his clothes will turn black and grow a pair of horns on his head.

Zenon Zofree Facts

Zenon is a member of the Dark Triad with his bone base strength. Then he also has demonic powers which give him immense power.

Always Prioritizing Strength

He tends to prefer to solve all problems with his strength. So that he will be merciless towards the enemies he meets.

The determination he had was to protect his birthplace in the Spade kingdom so that he would not think twice about fighting a strong enemy. He is also constantly seeking great power for his own use.

's Arrogance and Bloodthirsty

will humiliate and torture his weak enemies and even humiliate his men for failing the mission. Then when the battle against the Golden Dawn Squad of the Clover kingdom he also insulted and tortured the clover magic knight.

Zenon will immediately kill his enemy if the enemy has the potential to destroy the Spade kingdom. He is not like his friends in the Dark Triad who prefer to toy with his enemy first before killing him.

Zenon Zofree's powers

Zenon Zofree uses a Grimoire that contains Bone Magic-based magic spells. He can use the Magic to manipulate or create bones for his fighting purposes.

Magic Bone

Magic he uses to attack the enemy by making bones that are tangled and branched. So he will not give the opportunity to let his enemy escape.

This bone magic can also be used to defend and attack and make weapons such as swords that he can use to attack. In addition, his bones can also regenerate quickly so that if an enemy attacks him, he will quickly recover his bone magic.

Eternal Fangs A newly demonstrated Bone magic. This magic removes a lot of bones from Zenon's body which he uses to stab enemies with very sharp and strong bones.


Magic Spatial magic is used to remove mana in that area of ​​space. Then the space he creates can be controlled properly so there is a possibility that this space can be used as a tool to torture his enemies.

The types of Spatial Magic that have been used are Spatial Portal Spell and Spatial Mana Domination.

Spatial Mana Domination is a space magic that forms a cube space in which Zenon is able to control mana. When in the cube space he is able to negate enemy attacks and defenses and he is able to attack targets from various directions.

However, it seems that the power will have no effect on the Elf or the beloved creature. Because a very large amount of mana and perfect mana control can defeat Zenon's space magic.

Magic Power

He has enormous power and coupled with his demonic power which is at a High level. With the power he has Zenon is able to defeat the diamond kingdom alone. Not only that, he was also able to defeat William Vangeance who was the magic commander of the Clover kingdom.

Devil Possessed

Just like the other members of the Dark Triad he has demonic powers at his disposal. The devil who visited Zenon was a high-level demon who then gave him enormous power.

Zenon can use 80% of his demonic power. And if the demonic power is used then his body will be more like a demon. When using 55% of his demonic power he easily defeats the captain of the Golden Dawn.

Can Use 2 Mana (Dual Mana)

Zenon can use Bone power and Spatial Magic simultaneously. This spatial magic is a demonic magic possessed by Zenon and he is able to use it without affecting his basic magic which is bone magic.


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