Facts & Strengths of Vanica Zogratis “Black Clover”, Blood Magic User

Facts & Strengths of Vanica Zogratis “Black Clover”, Blood Magic User

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Facts & Strengths of Vanica Zogratis “Black Clover”, Blood Magic User


Facts & Strengths of Vanica Zogratis “Black Clover”, Blood Magic User

Vanika is a member of the Dark Triad who also has demonic powers. Vanica's power is Blood Based Magic which allows her to manipulate and produce Blood.

Until now, Vanica's discussion is still limited and there are still many mysteries about this character. However, there are several theories that can be concluded and have even been shown in the Black Clover Manga.

As a member of the Dark Triad, Vanica has abilities that are on par with magic commanders and even exceeds magic commanders because she has demonic powers in her.

Vanica Zofree Facts

There are several facts about this character. Here are Vanika's Facts in the Black Clover anime:

  • Dark Triad Member
    As explained in the first discussion that Vanika is a member of the Dark Triad who is in the Spade kingdom. He entered the Dark Triad with the aim of wiping out weak opponents so he could have fun with strong foes.
  • Don't Like Rebahan
    Vanika prefers to do flashy activities and tends to be active in her daily life. He easily gets bored and jealous, for that every day he looks for something fun like fighting a strong opponent.
  • Likes Enemies who have Badass Strength
    Vanika prefers to fight very strong enemies rather than having to fight weak ones. Weak enemies are considered as "Trash" and then strong enemies are considered as boredom busters.
  • Always Move on from the past and Focus to the future
    Even though he has defeated many enemies, he never remembers who he has defeated. He prefers to see the pleasures of fighting now and in the future.
  • Possessing Inhuman / Sadistic
    Traits Vanika will not hesitate to slaughter humans and she even makes humans as tools for fun.
  • Be Kind to Subordinates
    Even though he is very cruel and sadistic towards his enemies. But he always shows respect and kindness towards his men. He also always resurrects his subordinates if they fall in battle.
  • Demonic power users
    Like the other members of the Dark Triad, Vanika also has demonic powers that reside within her. The demon named Megicula.

Power of Vanica Zogratis Black Clover

Vanica possesses a Grimoire that contains Blood-based spells. With this power he is able to manipulate and create data. Then he also has the power of a demon named Megicula.

Blood Magic

By using the power of blood magic vanica is able to manipulate blood then she can also produce blood as well. There is one blood magic power that has been shown, namely the Red Beast.

Red Beast Is a magic that uses blood as its main basis. Vanica bled profusely and then formed a giant that had no eyes but had claws and terrifying strength.

Using the claws of the creature allows him to penetrate all the opponent's defenses. And then the summoned giant can be ridden and vanica tends to get closer to the creature and is always near the area.

Curse-Warding Magic

This magic is used to create very strong curses. For example, he has applied a curse on his subordinates to live eternally (after death he will be resurrected).

There are several Vanica's Curse Magic that have been seen :

  • Megicula's Curse
  • Resurrection Curse
  • Power-Boosting Curse
  • Exploding Life :
    This magic is used to curse the target and then detonate it.

Magic Power

As a member of the Dark Triad and Demon-Dwellers. Vanica has a very extraordinary magic power that is even always dissatisfied with what she has done to her enemy.

His strength was enough to fight Clover's magic commander and was even greater than that. Then the magic power that he had was able to block a certain area like blocking a sea dragon's roar.

Enhanced strength

All magic knights have this ability. and As a Tria Member he is also capable of strengthening his magic and Physique.

Devil Possessed

Vanica is one of the members of the Dark Triad who has the demonic power of Megicula. Vanica is the host for the demon Megicula and then she is able to use the power of the demon Megicula up to 70%.

Megicula is a high ranking demon whose strength is far above that of the elves and the magic knight commander Clover. So it could be concluded that Vanica could easily slaughter all of the Clover kingdom's knights.

Dual Mana

After being possessed by a demon he can still use his blood magic and then Megicula's curse-fighting magic can also be used freely. So the two powers can be used simultaneously without affecting the main power which is blood magic.


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