Facts & Strengths Charmy Pappitson "Black Clover", Half-Dwarf

Facts & Strengths Charmy Pappitson "Black Clover", Half-Dwarf

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Facts & Strengths Charmy Pappitson "Black Clover", Half-Dwarf

Facts & Strengths Charmy Pappitson "Black Clover", Half-Dwarf

Charmy Pappitson is one of the Black Bull members who has a big eating hobby. The power of Charmy Pappitson is cooking and the dishes she serves are able to restore / give Mana to the eater.

Charmy has a short body and black hair tied up. Then she uses the Black Bull's Special Clothes in Dark Black. She always eats at all times and cooks food using the Chef Goat which she made from his magic.

Facts about Charmy Pappitson

Eating Constantly But Staying Slim

Charmy always makes time to eat big every time. She cooks food using one of his magical powers by summoning the Goat Chef whom she orders to cook food that can restore Mana/Magic Energy.

“Food Is The Most Important Thing” By Charmy

She will prioritize food over anything else. Even in a state of war she only remembers food and then she is very stingy when it comes to sharing food.

But She is also generous and not arrogant. She will share and restore the Magic of his friends in certain situations when fighting. She can do this if he's in a good mood.


Charmy is a half-Dwarf Woman who has been known since the battle in the Cave. Not many people know about this. So many people were surprised when she showed his Dwarven powers.


Pappitson's Charmy Strengths

Charmy Has a 3 Leaf Clover Grimoire which contains Cotton Spells and Food-based Spells. His grimoire is unique because it has a fork and spoon symbol and a color that changes when she reads a magic spell.


Magic This magic is used to create or manipulate Cotton. With this Cotton-Based magic she could create enough Floating Vehicles to carry all the black bull troops. Then this Magic can also be used to attack or defend in battle.

Magic "Creation"

With this magic Charmy can create various objects that she creates using Cotton Magic. This Creation Magic is like creating a means of transportation and the Animals she orders to cook.

Some of Charmy Pappitson's Creation Magic:

  • Sheep Cook
    Charmy creates Lamb which she orders to cook and bake. she can create several goats at a time and then she is also able to control them well.
  • Sleeping Sheep Strike
    Summons a male Goat with a fairly large size. Then she uses this Goat to attack enemy targets.
  • Sheep Cushion Spell
    This is like a Cotton Pad that is used to lie down or save a friend.
  • Sheep Fluffy Cushion
    Summons a sheep that has the ability to fly objects using its Stomach. The flying speed of the object is very fast so that it can be used as a tool to attack enemy targets.
  • Sheep Bondage
    resembles a Chain made of cotton. This magic she uses to restrain his enemies and also secure the area. The grip of this cotton is very sticky and dense so that the enemy will be difficult to escape.
  • Sheep Cook: Master Chef
    Summons Sheep who are experts in cooking and then the cooking can restore magical energy. The food served is usually served in a state of war or used to restore people who have run out of magical energy.
  • Giant Sheep Spell

Magic "Containment"

This magic is used to Restraint Enemies. The gripping power of this magic was acknowledged by the Magic Emperor. This magic is indeed very strong and until now there has not been shown any enemy who managed to escape from this binding magic.


Magic By using this "Food" Magic she can eat other types of magic. One of these Types of Magic has been used, The Magic is called Glutton's Banquet which summons wolves with a fork and spoon. When the wolf eats prey with other magic then the magic will become Energy for Charmy.

Strengthening Magic (Mana Skin)

With this magic she can increase his Physical strength. An example is the use of Mana Skin which is always used under certain conditions.

Magic Power and Magic Energy Storage.

She fights normally in a normal mood. But she will have great magic power if she is in a bad mood. For example, when she is angry, his magic power will increase greatly.

Not only that, she will also have extraordinary magical powers if his food is stolen.

Dual Mana Attribute Affinity

As previously explained, Charmy is a half-dwarf human who is then able to use 2 magic attributes at once, namely cotton and food.

Mana method

Charmy, she can use Cotton Magic and food magic at the same time and she collaborates to form a stronger type of magic.

For example, she can make a shield/defense that can make his enemies seem to be in the kitchen area. And then she can cook the Enemy. This magic is like a trap.



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