Nacht Faust “Black Clover”, Vice-Captain of Black Bull Owner of 4 Demons

Nacht Faust “Black Clover”, Vice-Captain of Black Bull Owner of 4 Demons

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Nacht Faust “Black Clover”, Vice-Captain of Black Bull Owner of 4 Demons


Nacht Faust “Black Clover”, Vice-Captain of Black Bull Owner of 4 Demons

Nacht Faust is the Vice-Captain of the newly introduced Black Bull (Black Bull) squad. From the beginning of Episode 1, this character named Nacht Faust was not introduced, so many fans were surprised to find out that the vice-captain of Black Bull is someone who has a lot of devils.

Every magic knight squad definitely has a captain and a vice-captain. Even many Magic Knight Squads have introduced their Captains and Vice-Captains. However, the Black Bull Squad from the start never mentioned “Vice Captain Black Bull”. So when Nacht was introduced along with his 4 demons, many fans were curious about this figure.

Currently there are only 4 demons who are known to have a contract with Nacht Faust. But there are many theories from fans that Nacht actually has more than 4 demons in him.

Nacht Faust Facts Nacht

Faust is the Deputy Captain of the Black Bull Squad. For many years he carried out his Duty as a Spy in the Spade Kingdom and sought information about Devils.

Pragmatic and Logical

He has a logical nature and is not afraid to express his opinion. He will say all the things he knows clearly and Facts then he has his own ideas about the sentences "Good" and "Bad".

Nacht can realize the enemy's ability level so that he will not attack if the probability of winning is 0. This is shown when Asta wants to save Yami, Then Nacht says that Asta is not ready to fight the enemy and he will be an idiot loser when he loses the battle.

Former members of The Gray Deer Squad

Yami and Nacht met when they were members of the Gray Deer squad. After Yami becomes the Captain of the Black Bull Squad, Nacht is appointed his Vice-Captain. However, Nacht only visited the Black bull base once and after that he went to the Spade Kingdom.

Has Many Devils

Nacht Has many Devils in him, Until now only 4 demons have been introduced. The 4 demons were shown during the Magic Knight Captains Meeting in the Clover Kingdom. Nacht Enters the meeting room and stops the meaningless chatter from the captains which then he takes out 4 horned creatures on his shoulders.

Nacht's Powers Faust

Nacht has a Grimoire that contains shadow spells. And there is a possibility that he also became a spy in the Spade Kingdom by using his Shadow.

When he sneaked into the Spade kingdom. Nacht uses his shadow but it has not been explained in more detail about his Clone Kick.

Shadow Magic

When Nacht is a spy in the kingdom of Spade, he uses his shadow powers to sneak into every area of ​​the kingdom. Then by using the power of his shadow, he is able to get out and enter the shadows of other people or objects around him.

Not only that, he can also hold enemies in his shadow and then paralyze them.

Some of Nacht Faust's shadow magic:

  • Shadow Hiding Spell
  • Shadow Immobilizing Spell
  • Shadow Retraining Spell
  • Dark Garden Invitation
    This move can cover walls with shadows, then the enemy is dragged into the shadow.
  • Unite Mode: Canis
    This magic is used to restrain and control demonic powers. When this move is used, Nacht will change his appearance like a Shadow Man with a dark body covered in shadows.
  • Dark Prison Hunting Ground
    Nacht controls the surrounding Mana then casts a shadow using that mana. With this power he is able to cover his KI thus allowing him to attack enemies unnoticed.
  • Shadow Corridor
    This magic can connect 1 place with the desired place. So this Magic can be used as a means of transportation such as DOORS WHERE ANYWHERE. then this Magic can also be used to trap the enemy into a desired area.


Nacht Faust Is the host to his 4 Devils. Until now, only 1 demon whose name is known, namely Gimodelo. Nacht can use the power of these 4 demons. Then he can also bring up a Devil with a cute form.

Mana Zone

Nacht can also control the mana around him. That way he will be more Over Power. Having the power of shadow and having a Mana Zone makes it even more difficult to beat.


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