The Strength of Mereoleona Vermillion "Black Clover", the Ferocious

The Strength of Mereoleona Vermillion "Black Clover", the Ferocious

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The Strength of Mereoleona Vermillion "Black Clover", the Ferocious

The Strength of Mereoleona Vermillion "Black Clover", the Ferocious

Lioness Mereoleona Vermillion is one of the magic knights who was born into the Royal Family and is a noble of the Clover kingdom. Mereoleona Vermillion's power is very fierce Fire Magic and even magic commanders would have a hard time dueling her.

After his younger brother who was the commander of the Red Lion Squad's magic fell due to the Elf's attack. Mereoleona Vermillion became the substitute captain for a while and later she also became the Commander of the Magic Knights of the Clover kingdom.

Mereoleona's personality looks unfriendly because she tends to be very angry and aggressive. But his attitude did not cover his kindness. He will fight with all his might and foremost to defend and save his friends.

He didn't like the royal environment and he didn't even want to be a magic commander. He prefers to adventure in the wild while practicing his physical and magical abilities. And all of that is proven by his ability and level of magic that is above the magic commanders.

The Power of Mereoleona Vermillion Angry Lioness

Unlike in today's era which uses Technology such as Rockets or GUN machines to destroy the enemy. Mereoleona Vermillion Uses the Power of Fire and her Lioness Soul to destroy any obstacle in front of her. Even the Elves are also overwhelmed and can be matched by it.

Mereoleona has a 3 cloverleaf Grimoire which contains all the spells regarding fire magic. By using his magic he is able to attack blindly and catch the enemy with a very sticky and strong grip.

Fire Magic

By using this magic Mereoleona can manipulate and create fire and use it as she wishes. Usually he uses this fire magic by shaping it into a large and sharp lion's claw. The lion's claws he uses to grip and attack the enemy.

The lion's grip is often used to restrain the enemy or to grip others to obey and obey him. As he did to the Red Lion team members and Asta, at that time Mereoleona invited them to train in the volcano but they were afraid and did not want to come. So Mereoleona uses her grip to take them to a very hot volcano area.

Mereoleona's Fire magic power that has been shown:

  • Lion's Grip / Fire Paw Spell
    Mereoleona Uses her fire grip to carry or restrain any Enemy she finds. This grip he often uses to his friends. Like asta and some other magic knights in clover kingdom.
  • Calidus Brachium / Fire Tintu Magic
    This power is used by creating a fiery fist which is then launched at the enemy. Using this power he can swallow his enemies into smoldering fire with great damage.
  • Calidus Brachium Barrage
    This is a fire fist power with Barbarian Mode. By utilizing the Mana Zone around him he is able to launch barbaric fire fists (explosion from all directions) towards the enemy so that there is not the slightest gap for the enemy to escape. Explosions were launched from all directions so this attack was very difficult to dodge.
  • Calidus Brachium Purgatory
    By using the control of the surrounding mana, he is able to deal a huge explosive blow and even the damage dealt is capable of destroying objects around him. This power comes from which area is controlled then all of it is channeled into his fiery fist, resulting in a blue flame explosion.
  • Hellfire Incarnate
    He used his fire magic on areas of his body. It looks like a "Fire Man" with a body shrouded in smoldering flames. By using this power his strength increases and even his magic also becomes greater.
  • Calidus Brachium Purgatory: Abyss
    Fire magic envelops his entire body and then he delivers a fiery blast fist towards the enemy. With this power he is able to burn enemies with enormous damage.


Magic This magic is often used to strengthen his body and physical endurance. By using this power he is able to survive in the very hot Lava. As it is often shown that he prefers to play in the lava area of ​​Mount Merapi and he is able to control the area well without looking too hot.

Fist Fighter

Female lion with a ferocious character, that's what this character looks like. although he is a woman but his strength is above the male knights in the clover kingdom. Until now he only uses his bare hands to fight the enemy and has not been seen using a sword or other weapon.

He prefers and makes his fists his main weapon in battle. So a lot of magic is used to amplify the explosive attacks that his bare hands produce. The fighting style of a warrior who uses passion and deadly blows.

Incredible Strength & Speed

​​In accordance with her nickname, "The Lioness Who Loves to Hunt," well every lioness must have a very sharp instinct to hunt. His strength and speed were so terrifying, even the elves acknowledged it and could be defeated by it.

It also has a very strong immune system. As previously explained that he is able to survive in very hot Lahar and he is also able to survive the attacks of very large elves.

Mana Sensory

He is able to detect mana well and even he is able to notice any gaps in the enemy. Like in Scene Raia who is able to copy all kinds of magic but can't copy Asta's anti-magic power.

By using battle instincts and the ability to conclude data accurately. He is able to read all attacks and enemy strategies that make him even more terrible on the battlefield.

Magic Power

Mereoleona Vermillion's magic power is enormous. This is evidenced in his battle scene with the elves. Then he also comes from a noble family as well as a Royal Magic Knight Captain. With all that has been shown, he does have a very great magic power which is recognized by the elves and by the magic commanders of the Clover kingdom.

Mana Zone

It seems that Mereoleona Vermillion is the magic knight who knows the most about this power. Because Yami the owner of the dimensional slash and the owner of KI also learned Mana Zone from Mereoleona. By using this power he is able to control all the mana in his area and then use it to fight.

Then this power can also be used to predict the direction of enemy attacks and can also be used to maneuver in the air.



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