Is Boruto Really Dead? The Effects of the Battle with Kawaki

Is Boruto Really Dead? The Effects of the Battle with Kawaki

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Is Boruto Really Dead? The Effects of the Battle with Kawaki

Is Boruto Really Dead? The Effects of the Battle with Kawaki

Boruto Chapter 292 surprised the fans, considering that this series made Boruto die when he fought with Kawaki.

This action-packed episode has raised a crucial question, leaving fans confused and wondering – is Boruto really dead?

This series is marked as the final episode of the anime Boruto Part one. With only one episode left to wrap up the first part of the series, this describes one of the best episodes of the chapter.

The intensity and tension of the situation grabs the viewer's attention, making them want to know the outcome of this dramatic turn of events.

Boruto's Death Makes Anime Connoisseurs Surprised

Episode 292 , entitled Hunger , is taken from the previous episode. The episode progresses to a fierce battle between Momoshiki, who possesses the protagonist, and Kawaki, who awakens his Karma again.

The situation advanced to a complex point, where the protagonist had no other choice but to sacrifice himself.

In desperation, Boruto presses Momoshiki and asks Kawaki to fulfill his promise, which is to drop the protagonist of the show if the situation turns bad.

Kawaki doesn't hesitate and keeps his promise to the protagonist Boruto, whom he considers his brother. The last punch from Kawaki seemed fatal to his body.

Boruto was still lying on the ground, giving a strong impression that he might have died, as a result of the attack.

This begs the question, is it true that Boruto died by Kawaki? As the episode ends there, it's safe to say that he's dead. However, fans hope that he will return somehow since he is the main character of the series.

Given the tension and heartbreaking events, it's no surprise that the question of the protagonist's survival has lingered in the minds of fans since the episode aired.

The series manages to create a sense of both anticipation and excitement, leaving viewers eager to find out the fate of their beloved protagonist.

Also, after dealing a death blow to Boruto, Kawaki may face some harsh consequences for killing his partner. Naruto and Shikamaru were also present at that place. Their reactions will play an important role in dealing with Kawaki's consequences.





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