My Hero Academia fans turn Shigaraki into the new Madara

My Hero Academia fans turn Shigaraki into the new Madara

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My Hero Academia fans turn Shigaraki into the new Madara

My Hero Academia fans turn Shigaraki into the new Madara

In the latest anime series, My Hero Academia fans turn Shigaraki into the new Madara.


Tomura Shigaraki from My Hero Academia is the main enemy of the series and the leader of the League of Villains.

As a result of their shared upbringing and different life trajectories, he becomes the ideal foil for protagonist Izuku Midoriya.


Shigaraki is one of the most powerful characters in the series, so it's unlikely that the heroes will be able to defeat him.

Fans have noted the many ways in which Shigaraki resembles Madara, one of the greatest villains in the Naruto anime series.

Similarities between Madara Naruto and Shigaraki My Hero Academia

The villain complex

In Naruto Madara Uchiha is the strongest shinobi in his clan whose abilities are on par with Hashirama Senju, the God of Shinobi.


Violent, brutal, and heartless criminals weren't always like that. In fact, his original goal was quite utopian.


When he was young, he often dreamed of a safe world where peace reigned.


In this society, people stop using violence and seek to understand their enemy. He teamed up with Hashirama to find Konoha for this purpose.


Unfortunately, as time went on, his goals changed, and his new goal changed to 'ruling the world'. Because of his ego, he thinks that only he can save the world.


Similarly Shigaraki, like Madara, was kind and compassionate and aspired to be a hero when he was young. But it was his cruel father and reckless family that turned him into a hardened criminal.


Similar to how Kaguya manipulated Madara, All For One has manipulated Shigaraki for most of his life by finding him at a vulnerable time.


She makes him feel guilty for killing his family, despite the fact that All For One also has his family's blood in his hands.


Problems always arise.


Problems that often arise in shonen manga are enemies that are overpowered to the point where it looks really heavy.


The only way out is to reduce their power so they can be defeated by heroes, or develop some strange reason that leads to their downfall.


According to Naruto's creator, Kishimoto he created Madara as the perfect villain without a flaw.


Madara was effectively defeated only because he lost after realizing he was a pawn in Kaguya's game.


Similarly, Shigaraki has long been portrayed as a hideous villain in the anime series My Hero Academia.


He has acquired a new form and has many new quirks that make him a nearly invincible foe, and there is always room for more powers, and more terrifying transformations.


All For One will continue to help Shigaraki as long as he is useful to avenge All Might.


Some My Hero Academia fans have challenged the notion that Shigaraki is similar to Madara, suggesting that he is not as strong or intimidating.


However, it remains to be seen how Deku and the others will defeat the League of Villains leader in the future.




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